Thyspunt Environmental Report “fatally flawed” Continued

The Social Impact Report has been the weakest of the specialist reports during all five drafts. The final report has been described by the Kromme Trust as “vacuous philosophical ramblings, more appropriate to a Scoping Report than to an Environmental  Impact Report”. It has changed little throughout the process, apart from adding out-dated and irrelevant demographic information.

The Kromme Trust has dismissed the entire report, on the grounds that the specialist failed to assess highly relevant issues, including

  • Failure to follow the changes in the Impact Rating Criteria. He is still using the original pre 2011 version, and this affects all of his conclusions.
  • Failure even to mention, let alone comment on the recommendations in the Nuclear Siting Investigation Programme (NSIP) Summary Report Revision 1 of December, 1994, which recommended that “the eastern part of the Oyster Bay area is unsuited to development because of the proximity of several holiday centres”; and that “the small holiday resorts along the coast be left unaffected”.
  • Failure to explore adequately potentially fatal flaws, such as impact on Sense of Place.
  • Failure to provided credible mitigation proposals.
  • Failure to consider the social impact on Lephalale of the Medupi project.
  • Failure to submit a valid Environmental Impact Report.

The Kromme Trust’s conclusion is that

  • the entire Social Impact Report is fatally flawed and should be rejected in its entirety;
  • the specialist should be replaced by a more competent person; and
  • a totally new Social Impact Report should be drawn up in terms of Section 33 of the NEMA