Part Two of the St Francis Property Owners Fire Risk Reduction Initiative following from last week’s Part One

Our situation stands that there have been 20 houses destroyed or badly damaged in the greater St Francis area in 12 months.

On top of that, out of the 700-odd undeveloped stands in the area, there are a number of these vacant stands that are wildly overgrown and that have large amounts of vegetation, indigenous and alien. Some are so overgrown as to be almost impenetrable.  

This a phased project, undertaken by St Francis Property Organisation and there is currently a pilot study underway to ensure procedures and standards, as well as to develop a pricing model for the stands with differing levels of stand vegetation. 

There is is firstly a 3-month pilot study, currently underway, where the teams are working on a small number of stands to refine their approach and to develop standards and systems when t comes to the clearing of vegetation. The goal being to be efficient enough to offer a service way below that which the municipality currently offers. In this phase the Fire Risk Initiative group will also interact with the community and potential service providers.

Phase 1 Implementation Phase, will be the addressing of stands that have already been identified by the municipality as needing attention, and with notices issued.

Phase 2 Implementation Phase, will be the addressing of stands regarded as priorities on the basis of a Fire Risk Reduction audit in terms of risk (position, neighbouring stand status, undergrowth status, presence of alien or dead vegetation etc)

Phase 3 Implementation Phase will be addressing the remaining non-compliant stands that are regarded as lower risk.

This will be followed by a care and Maintenance Phase, to avoid a recurrence of the issue.

The key objective of the Fire Risk Reduction initiative is to reduce the risk of bushfires in our community.

It is a fantastic endeavour, and it will help tremendously, over time, to make St Francis less exposed to runaway fires, as well as to improve security and help to eradicate vagrancy. 

If there are any queries at this early stage of communication, please contact SFPO directly on or email Trevor Wright on