No fires allowed in Kouga

No controlled burns will be permitted in the Kouga region over the next four months.

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The South African Weather Service has issued a warning of the likelihood of veld fires due to the currently favorable weather conditions.
Residents are urged to mitigate any possibilities of veld fires by ensuring that all fires are properly extinguished before leaving. Disposing cigarette buds responsibly. Avoiding setting fires & ensuring that children don’t play with matches.
Kouga Community Services Portfolio Councillor, Daniel Benson, said the annual fire prohibition period for the region started on 1 November and would continue until 28 February 2021.
“Summer, with its high temperatures and strong winds, is the time when there is the highest risk in our region of runaway fires destroying properties and lives,” he said.
“As part of our efforts to keep Kouga safe, no controlled burns will be allowed during this period while residents are urged to be extra careful when it comes to setting anything alight, be it candles or braais.”
He said bonfires and any activities that required walking around with open flames were strongly discouraged.
“This includes walking around with candles and lanterns, as well as burning tyres or discharging fire crackers or other flammable paraphernalia,” he said.
“Open fires are also not allowed at public areas unless in designated braai stands.”
He said fire transgressions, including the illegal trade or discharge of fireworks, could be reported to the Kouga Call Centre at 042 200 2200 or after-hours to 042 291 0250.
For any fire emergency contact the all-hours number 042 291 0250.
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