Fine dining at Pomme Frites

Pomme Frites, situated on the corner of the R330 to Humansdorp and the Oyster Bay road, opened its doors just prior to the start of the season in early December. Those driving on the R330 on their way through to Humansdorp will have noticed the large “FARM STALL” signboard is no longer and has been replaced by the “Pomme Frites” sign board. Next time you are driving by, turn into the Oyster Bay road and then take a left into Pomme Frites’ ample parking and go in and enjoy a great cup of coffee. The restaurant is owned and run by Belgium Chef Jean-Pierre Pauwels, his son Sebastian and long time ‘right-hand man’ Romando who moved from Johannesburg to St Francis with Jean-Pierre to set up and run a welcomed addition to the choices of places to eat in St Francis.

Jean-Pierre Pauwels at Pomme Frites

Jean-Pierre alongside the chalk board menu that changes daily to ensure diners only the freshest fare.

Chatting over a really good cup of Americano coffee (yes that is what they call black coffee these days) Jean-Pierre took St Francis Today through the menu, dish by dish, but was a pains to point out that the menu changes from day to day depending on what is available for Jean-Pierre insists on using only the freshest produce. To this end a chalk board displays the menu rather than a printed menu which Jean-Pierre points out would restrict him as well as disappoint customers if a particular dish was not available because he was unable to source it fresh. On the chalk board on the photo to the left one will notice the dish below Ostrich Fillet has been erased for as Jean-Pierre explained, he ran out of fresh Tuna, a very popular item on the menu and thus it was no longer on the menu until fresh tuna could again be sourced. As a replacement he pointed out that he had just sourced some fresh Dorado (this scribes favourite fish).

Talking through each dish on the menu, Jean-Pierre’s passion for preparing good food was apparent. No short cuts, no artificial sauces or ingredients and simply treating each dish and each customer served with the respect they each deserve.

One of the reasons for visiting Pomme Frites was due to comments made separately by three locals in normal conversation and without any prompting “the best meal I have ever had in St Francis“, “the best pepper steak I have had in years” and “not the cheapest meal in town but one of the best“.

Jean-Pierre had high praise for two local suppliers who without the quality produce they supply referring to Emmet at The Butcher Shop and Gillian Phillips of Canton Garden who those who frequent the St Francis Bay Morning Market will know for her excellent meat offers each month.

Pomme Frites can seat 50 diners indoors  with more seating outdoors in the garden an ideal spot for breakfast, lunnch or tea on a lovely St Francis day. And Jean-Pierre says he offers excellent cakes so why ont pop in for a cuppa and cake.The venue is also ideal for private birthday and anniversary dinners.