Many of us have heard all the amazing if not miraculous stories of CBS (cannabis) oil but have our reservations about using it to calm the pain, treat an illness or consider using is for the many uses it seems to offer . On Friday we published an article about the Chinese using cannabis thousands of years ago so here is a chance to hear more about what many consider a wonder drug or should we say treatment lest the word DRUG has a negative connotation. 

Everyone is talking about CBD oil and the benefits for your health – and just as this oil helps humans, it has many health-boosting benefits for your pets. Research findings prove that:

CBD oil reduces anxiety, relieves pain, reduces inflammation in dogs. It can fight cancer, treat seizures and epilepsy and help with bowel disease. Come and hear our very own Green Guru talk, on behalf of St Francis Animal Rescue, about the health benefits of Cannabis for humans and animals at Dune Ridge Country House on Thursday, June 20th.

Tickets cost R150 and are selling now at Kouga Print. Refreshment is included.

All proceeds go towards improving the quality of life of the cats and dogs of Sea Vista.