Recycling is at last being practiced with greater enthusiasm by local residents who seem to be adopting a positive recycling mindset. Possibly this is due in part to the Kouga municipality making it a lot easier to recycle by creating the recycling drop-off facility adjacent the fire station but also possibly an awareness of peril our planet faces if we continue to ignore the damage we are doing to Mother Earth. This resource proved a huge success over the holiday season and by keeping it in place ever since, has certainly motivated more people to be aware of the daily garbage mix and how much of it is in fact recyclable.

There is still no official notice that this drop-off point will become a permanent fixture but listening to Kouga Executive Mayor Horatio Hendricks address Grade-7 pupils at Sea Vista Primary School on Thursday morning, one would be confident it will have his support if his utterances at an event at our Sea Vista Primary School on Thursday is an indication of his commitment to recycling and indeed litter in general.

Kouga Executive Mayor Horatio Hendricks

The Kouga municipality, led and motivated by Mayor Hendricks, is embarking on a project to instill a recycling and cleanliness mentality among the children of the Kouga region by holding a series of events at schools to emphasize the importance of not only recycling but in the process, reducing litter and general decay that invades so many poorer informal settlements and townships. 

Selecting the school seniors, Grade-7 pupils as his audience, Hendricks gave a spoke to the children on the importance of looking after their environment, of picking up litter not stepping over it and of setting an example to others including their parents and adults in general by being the example.  The mayor certainly shows that his 20 plus years in teaching is a benefit when talking to kids for he certainly relates to the youngsters. His 20 minute presentation kept the kids enthralled and he certainly has a wonderful turn of humour to that had not only the kids attention but those adults who were present as well.

As he wrapped up his presentation he motivated stressing their importance at school being the oldest and the need for them to set an example to the other younger children. “You are not future leaders, you are leaders now and you must lead by example. You will champion our program.”

The mayor then asked them to stand and re hold up their right hands and place their left hands over their hearts and repeat after him.

“I, (their name) solemnly promise to be an ambassador for KM to act in an honourable way and to keep my environment clean and to be an example to others I promise and I will do my duty to the best of my ability to this I promise. You are now ambassadors and we will now refer to you as ‘Honourable (name) ‘. “

Sea Vista Grade-7 pupils pledge to keep it clean!

Whilst this project is very honourable and must be supported, and hopefully will be supported, let us not discard the efforts of Rotary to instill similar habits in the kids of Sea Vista, not just the Grade-7’s. Rotary ran an initiative rewarding those who collected recyclables by allowing them to swop to the value of their collections all sorts of product from toothpaste to exercise books, even a bicycle in one case. There is no doubt this endeavor was hugely popular and well supported by the kids but sadly vandalism put a halt to Rotary’s efforts. It would thus be wonderful if maybe the municipality could go some way to securing a facility so that Rotary, and in time the community itself, could successfully run a recycling facility specifically for ‘China Town’ and the formal township itself.

So much good is happening in Sea Vista at present and it so important that we in Cape St Francis and St Francis Bay do all we can to not only support the efforts of those trying to make a difference, but also contribute to show exby example by keeping our town clean and free of recyclable, especially plastic that is so choking our oceans. No more sweet wrappers used water bottles out the window.  or discarding you in the

End Note:

If you ever have need to visit Sea Priomary School make a point of noticing how spotless it is. You will not see a sweet wrapper or discarded cool drink on the property. It is testament to Principal Coenraad and his staff how they have already instilled the need for cleanliness in the school that must now be extended to the community as a whole..