Duck special at Joe Fish

Duck is not something one often sees on restaurant menus, nor indeed on family dinner tables. Possibly it’s because it isn’t the easiest dishes to prepare and cooking it perfectly so all parts of the bird remain perfectly cooked rather than having the breast dry and tasteless whilst the legs are moist and tasty or the legs raw and the breast succulent and full of flavour.

Having tried cooking it a couple of times with disastrous results I long ago made up my mind to only eat duck in a restaurant. Before moving to St Francis a tiny restaurant in a guesthouse would often serve duck and knowing my penchant for the bird would mail me that it was on the menu. As duck  happens to be one of my favourite dishes when I saw Joe Fish at Cape St Francis Resort has a Friday Crispy Duck special each Friday through September, I made sure I was at the front of the queue and indeed was served the first plate last Friday.

Served with a thigh, leg and wing with the skin nicely crisped on a platter piled with vegetables, a salad and pancakes, the serving certainly was enticing. Not being crazy about vegetables I tucked into the duck but as I have recently been advised that I must change my diet I decided to try a little of the veg.


Outstanding, and I ate most of the veg too, it was that delicious and complemented the duck, although I avoided the salad. One step at a time and eating the veg was a breakthrough.

A hugely satisfying meal and certainly good value at R295 for a platter for two.

If you enjoy duck you need to order it in advance for as commented at the start of this article it is not the easiest dish to prepare. The duck special is available each Friday night throughout September but you will need to get your order at least the day before with orders closing at 5:00pm on the Thursday.

Crispy Duck at Joe Fish, Cape St Francis Resort