Unrest at Pretoria delays issuing of driver’s licences


Daniel Benson – Community Service Portfolio Councillor

Kouga Municipality has been informed that labour unrest continues to take place at the Driving Licensing Card Account (DLCA) offices in Pretoria. The unrest has been going on since 20 July this year and it is believed that the dispute remains unresolved.Community Service.

Portfolio Councillor Daniel Benson said the strike may have affected applications for driving licences, leading to delays in the issuing of driving licence cards.

 “The DLCA is a section in the national Department of Transport responsible for the printing of all driving license cards for both provincial and municipal licencing centres. The municipality renders licencing services as an agent of the provincial Department of Transport and is dependent on the guidelines, regulations and the services provided by the provincial and national governments, including that of the DLCA,” he said.

Benson said the licence cards do continue to arrive, though not at a desired pace and this is a countrywide problem.