Dogs Poisoned in Port area

Port St Francis resident Sian Hamilton-Browne submitted this heart breaking account of her dogs being poisoned in the Port area. Whilst this may not be the case in this instance dog owners dhould be aware that in the past this was a commong practice used by criminals in their planning to rob homes so be aware and alert – just in case.

“Saturday evening we arrived home to one of our worst fears – our dogs were viciously poisoned (poison was identified as Temik otherwise known as 2step and disguised in viennas).  If it wasn’t for Dr Barker’s quick assistance we would have lost both dachshund pups, heartbreakingly our little Louki consumed the bulk of the viennas  (this was shown in the autopsy) possibly dying minutes before we got home as it’s quick acting.  Our bully and ridgy are fine however traumatised.  Little Odin is healing well.

Please – please – check your garden every morning before letting your babies out, notifying neighbours and your security company of any suspicious behaviour.

We live in the Port area, fully walled with alarm system.  Changes will be adopted in respect to vigilance,  additional lighting (as we don’t have adequate street lights in our road or garden), security and urgent plea requests for plot clearing surrounding us and the area.

The only thing of value in our property is our animals.

Thank you to all who supported us and shown concern”.

Neil and Sian Hamilton-Browne

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