Miche Golowyn

Miche Golowyn

Getting over the Break-up Fast Tip #2

Introducing Michael Glowyn with a new series on Relationships. With a Masters degree in Mapping /  Positioning related  Sciences and has for passed 10 Years I been studying and training in understanding the psyche from a science, mathematical, metaphysical, and esoteric perspective

Dissolving Attachment to the Ex

In the previous article we covered the conservation principle and that Nothing Is Missing, there is only transformation.  We are now going to take this a step further and begin to dissolve the attachment to our ex, which is the underlying cause of our pain.

A clinical study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology found that in the cases of romantic breakups, negative appraisal of the relationship was effective in reducing the ‘love’ feelings.  Meaning it was effective in reducing the attachment to the ex-partner.  Although they were on the right track the study was not complete, as it missed a vital component which is crucial for permanent healing.  I will discuss this vital missing piece in the next article Tip #3, so make sure you keep an eye out for that one.

The reason we feel an emotion of missing or longing for that person is because we are conscious of the positive aspects of a particular quality in that person, yet we are blind (unconscious) to the negative aspects.  So instead of thinking about only the good times, really try to consider how those times impacted your life negatively.  You already have the answers in your subconscious, so it’s about asking quality questions to find out how being in that relationship pulled you way from what is important to you.  Try this and see how you feel.

In the third and final article of the series, I will discuss the most misunderstood part of breakups by most therapists, and fill in the missing piece to completely heal from heartbreak.  Make sure you keep an eye out as you won’t want to miss that one.

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Who is Michael Golowyn?

Best Selling Author and Breakup Consultant Michael Golowyn, has been through his fair share of heartbreak.  Plagued by 20 years of failed relationships, suffering endless cycles of abandonment and rejection, led Michael to eventually uncover unique solutions to rapidly transform his grief and heartbreak into living an inspired life.  These solutions, backed by both modern science and ancient wisdom, have been part of an ongoing study and training regimen for over a decade.

After seeing the results in his own life, he reviewed the methods and replicated the process…now Michael helps others transcend the grief from relationship break-ups and how to use it as an opportunity to transform their lives.  He now resides in Cape St Francis, South Africa and works with clientele both locally and internationally.