A cesspool of filth and potential disease has to be taken seriously

The occasion of Mandela Day saw SFT go on a walkabout through the dusty streets of Sea Vista (and China Town) this past Wednesday. Following four volunteer ladies from St Francis Animal Rescue as they walked deep through the dusty back streets and narrow lanes of the township to feed the many dogs, and a few cats, as their contribution to Mandela’s legacy we again witnessed the filth and decay that has been allowed to fester.  We say again because we have witnessed it on previous visits but rather chose to ignore it for out of sight is out of mind.

But it cannot continue to be ignored.

Generally the streets closer to Tarragona are not too bad apart a significant amount of plastic waste. No doubt if Rotary are able to continue with its recycling initiative without the criminal element continuously destroying and robbing the wood cabin so generously donated by an international Rotary club there would be less plastic waste as kids were encouraged to bring it to the recycling for reward. Sadly now a thing of the past as is the Sea Scout initiative run so passionately by Ollie Holmes until last week when this criminal scum again raided God’s Acre and destroyed the one remaining building where Ollie had moved to after all the other buildings had been vandalised. Maybe it is time to change the name from God’s Acre to Hell’s Acre.

But it is not just the crime of the township that we would refer the Mayor to but rather the other filth, the festering, disease and no doubt rodent infested garbage dump in the centre of the township. There was a clean-up initiative a few weeks ago by a caring group of local township and St Francis residents but with great respect of their efforts it truly were like ‘farting against thunder’.

That the ANC councillor who represents Sea Vista on council has allowed this cesspool to grow shows he doesn’t give a damn for this community who voted him in or he has never bothered to visit Sea Vista. He should be made to pay for the clean-up out of his fat salary he is receiving for he certainly isn’t earning his wage.

The filth is not something that can be solved by a few ladies with black bags picking up the mess. This requires a lot more. Front end loaders, bulldozers and lots of fill to raise the ground level above the water table.

Something has to be done and done now before it presents a serious health risk, not only to the township dwellers but to the adjoining Santareme and farther afield.

Please Mr Mayor this is a disaster waiting to happen. Do Something!