Dear Diary

What a day it was yesterday! So many things to do and so many people to see in St Francis Bay. On top of that, it rained the whole day, which was rather remarkable! It was that medium type of rain, not too heavy, but more than a drizzle, and it soon filled up the water tanks. I do hope it fills up the dams a little bit. That would be so wonderful!

I had a fantastic meeting with an excellent local man who is setting up a new laundry business. He has an app and a website, and an enormous factory where he will be working from. We chatted about the business, and we talked about the rain. We even spoke about advertising. I do hope his business will be a resounding success!

The waves were tiny today, and I saw some people going for a surf in the rain. I thought to myself,” They’re going to get so wet from the rain.” When I realized the silliness of my statement, I laughed so hard I nearly wet myself! That really would have been one for the books, all things considered!

I was so happy when a friend of mine phoned me from Durban. He told me that the beaches in Durban are very yucky and that we are so much luckier here with our beautiful beaches and coastline. He also made me laugh when he used the word ‘yucky.’ He had a strong Durban accent. When he said ‘fishing’, it sounded like ’fushin’ when everyone knows you pronounce it ‘feeeshing.’ Silly friend! He also spoke about advertising. Imagine that!

So, dear diary, another day passed by in paradise, and I was happy to be a part of it. 

Tonight we are having soup. And maybe a little bit of sherry. Just an ‘eyedrop’, as my dear old uncle used to say. Shame.  

Gotto run. Let’s speak again tomorrow!. 

Your friend 

The editor.