Crime Alert Whatsapp group  goes viral!

A newly launched Whatsapp group, SFB Crime Alert appears to have gone viral in St Francis. A friend added my cell number and within minutes of being subscribed I must have received at least 40 messages. Sadly none of the messages were ‘crime alerts’ and the constant beep-beep of my phone proved rather annoying until I finally muted the chat group which rather defeats the purpose of the group.

The messages continued quite late into the night so unless this app is used for its real purpose, many will leave the group simply because of the clutter of non-alert related chatter. By muting the app it will no longer serve its purpose so a suggestion, if I may, use the app only for alerting the group of suspicious activity or crime in progress and save the chit chat, opinions, comments for your chats with your friends or other chat groups.

A great idea that shouldn’t be compromised by those who feel the group is an extension to their personal Facebook page.