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ALL Kouga Municipality consumers on the 60kVA commercial tariff, who are exceeding the Notified Maximum Demand (NMD) as per the account, will be billed according to the correct usage in the new financial year.

“After a meter audit conducted by the municipality’s electrical department, it was determined that consumers’ NMD received from the municipality, is more than the 60kVA – although being billed for 60kVA,” said Kouga Executive Mayor, Horatio Hendricks. “They are thus being billed incorrectly.

“All consumers will be afforded the opportunity to rectify their energy usage and a suitable NMD adequate to satisfy their business needs, before the correct tariff comes into effect.”

According to Hendricks, consumers are advised to get a registered electrical contractor or, where applicable, an electrical consulting engineer to establish the required usage.

“All affected accounts will be rectified with implementation from July 1 this year,” said Hendricks. “These charges are currently billed at R36.80 X 60 a month.”