Comments and Posts on SRA

There appears to be some misunderstanding as to how comments are added to articles on St Francis Today (SFT) with some readers suggesting we may be ignoring their comments by not publishing them or rather hiding them by not publishing them in new posts the following day.

All comments made by readers are automatically attributed to the article / post to which their comments are directed. This is common practice with most websites worldwide where comments are encouraged. These comments are never hidden and are always available when referring back to a particular article. To say the comments are not seen again simply is not true for statistics show that older posts are regularly accessed either directly or via Google searches. All comments are published!

In an effort to make both previous articles and comments more visible, St Francis Today has created a Special Rates page on St Francis Today Website where all articles on the SRA dating back to 22nd December 2016, along with all comments can be read. We trust this assists those wishing to refer back to previous articles, posts and comments.

With regard to St Francis Property Owners association responding directly to comments on St Francis Today it must be stated that this is possibly not the correct forum as they have their own website where they post information on the SRA. St Francis Today does from time to time assemble a series of queries from comments and requests feedback for SFPO. This is done once a week and we will no doubt have some feedback before the weekend.

All SRA Posts and Comments are available on either the St Francis Today home page or on