Is someone going to clean up after the Ruins –  stop plastic pollution

One certainly hopes that someone cleans up after the Ruins. There is hazard tape, plastic packets and cladding still hanging from fences and in the windy weather it won’t take much to dislodge it. If a westerly blows it could end up adding to the already dire ocean pollution.

Shortly after driving past the eyesore that the Ruins have left behind than I came across something to really give one hope that there are people who care. At the stop sign just before Lyme Road South joins the R330 a gentleman in a grey hatchback, obviously on his way out if St Francis, stopped at the stop street, got out of his car, walked to where a discarded 2-litre plastic bottle was lying, picked it up, put it in his car, then drove off. I gave him the thumbs up so if that gent reads this post, thank you for caring. If we all made that extra little effort we could maybe beat this plastic scourge. If that gent reads this, thank you!

This small act was even more appropriate considering British PM Theresa May’s announcement, and indeed her speech yesterday morning where she has committed her government to taking action against use of plastic. Possibly it is time we South Africans could start an anti-plastic revolution.

Stop buying in plasticAs a start we could stop buying product in plastic containers that is readily available in glass. An example, Black Cat Peanut Butter is sold in glass jars. Both Spar and Yum Yum peanut butter come in plastic so support Black Cat until Spar and YUM YUM go back to using glass. All Gold Tomato Sauce comes in glass and plastic, only by the glass product. There are so many. Mrs Ball’s Chutney was sold in bottles until recently now it is supplied in plastic bottles.

If enough people boycott plastic packaged products it won’t take long for manufacturers to revert to glass. Of course not all plastic packaging can be boycotted but by making a start we can make a difference. The ocean plastic pollution Is real and we cannot afford not to do nothing.

Maybe readers who are concerned with plastic pollution can leave comment on other products that come in glass  as well as any other ideas on reducing our use of and reliance on plastic.

Plastic Pollution