Go back to the old system  unless you can teach staff on how it works!

Whoever decided on the new appointment system for drivers licenses made on major error of judgement, he or she forgot to teach the people who work with it on how it works. The concept really is quite simple but seemingly not so for the existing staff.

Arriving well in time to ensure all paperwork was correct for my 10:00am ‘appointment’, I took my place in the waiting area, the old council chamber, as instructed, waiting my turn to be called. Well the call never came. After a two hour wait with no call and no explanation from staff I made my way to the test room. The crowd in and around this office made it almost impossible to get into the office but once inside I noticed a queue of about six people had formed. Enquiring of them what their appointment times were the answers came back 09:30, 11:00, 11:30, 12:00.

Trying to get an answer as why the 10:00 appointments were told to wait in the waiting room whilst everyone else could simply join the queue was the highlight of the day. The old guy manning the reception desk was so caught up in stapling a photograph to an application he could not be interrupted to answer a simple question. And then it happened, the stapler ran out of staples.

From previous experiences with similar departments I decided to time him on my cell phone to see how long it took him to reload the stapler. Without going into too much detail for if it could have been videoed it would have gone viral on both Facebook and You Tube for it took him almost 8 minutes from the time he ran out of staples to the time he finally stapled the form. A comedy if it was so pathetic.

My decision to give up my quest was simple when one testing official announced that he would going for lunch at 1:00pm. As it was now 12:30, 3 hours since I arrived and with a queue of six people ahead of me in spite of my earlier appointment time I made the decision to leave and give up on what had become a hopeless task.

The DA may have replaced the ANC but certainly they seem to have done little in training staff. On the other hand maybe the staff are inherited and are beyond training for they certainly show neither aptitude nor enthusiasm for what they get paid to do. In fact they are rude, arrogant, inefficient and disinterested.

Maybe there is an opportunity here to employ some school leavers who, one can be almost sure, that with a week’s training would be not only more efficient  but certainly a lot more enthusiastic.

Please go back to the old system where you arrive and wait in a queue. The old Council chamber makes for an ideal waiting room. That people are allowed to crowd into the testing office seems ridiculous. Those undergoing testing surely deserve at least a modicum of privacy which surely cannot happen when the queue is literally breathing down their necks.

Worst part I now have to reschedule an appointment which will probably be in about a months’ time and then I will have to go through the circus again.


Marianhill testing offices in Durban where I did my previous tests had three machines and I would suggest at any time at least 10 times more people than were present in Humansdorp yesterday. Humansdorp has two machines one of which doesn’t work when the guy manning it doesn’t feel like working. It never took three hours to get one’s license at Marianhill, three hours for nothing in Humansdorp