Readers will have noted a few changes ti St Francis Today layout which we hope is proving more informative as to where the various news articles originate. We all have our favourite publications and or news types so we do hope this format assists you in your choice of news.

Some have missed the new sections to the right of the page (at the bottom of the page for those viewing on their mobile). Theses include articles on CLIMATE CHANGE which we do believe is extremely pertinent considering news of climate related disasters around the world.

Also included on the right are community related items such as the GOOD DEED and GOOD NEWS. We would truly love the community to join in by alerting us to news on any good news or good deeds.  It can be a sentence or two or if you are in the mood to write we welcome articles of the villages (Bay and Cape) that will be featured in our “HAVE YOUR SAY” column. C’mon budding bloggers, here is an opportunity for you to start blogging and we will even assist you in creating your very own blog so you can express your ideas going forward.

SFT reaches a wide audience of those who (sensibly) choose not to follow Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and YES, believe it or not there are a growing number of intelligent beings are not on Facebook. And we can boast that we have anything up to 3000 page views a day from viewers not only in St Francis but in the US. UK, Emirates, Australia and a sprinkling of others so your news will be read. As will your adverts if you advertise on SFT.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the page you will find many of the logos’s of many of the news sources we use . Clicc on any of these and it will take you to that publication. There are links to Cosmopolitan and People magazine websites.

Should you wish to share, contribute any news or have any preferences not included that you would like included, please let us know by commenting below or on a mail to  or send us a WhatsApp message by clicking on the WhatsApp ICON you will find at the bottom right of our news page