Nigel & Lynette Aitken

Nigel & Lynette Aitken

After serving four years on the St Francis Bay Residents Association, the past two years as Chairman, Nigel Aitken will be standing down at the upcoming AGM to be held at the St Francis Bay Bowling Club on the 17th December at 17h00 (5:00pm). All residents are encouraged to attend, especially those homeowners who are not permanently resident in St Francis but are here for the holidays.

At the last meeting held at St Francis Links last month, new committee members Wayne Furphy and Chris Gray spelt out a very comprehensive and well put together presentation on a 5-year plan for St Francis Bay. They will again be presenting this plan at the upcoming AGM and no doubt will have either fine tuned it or added to it, for it is likely they would have received feedback from the community. So even if homeowners were present at the previous presentation,  it should be interesting to hear their ideas again.  Certainly some of those who attended the initial presentation will have had time to digest the content of the plan and will have formulated pertinent questions and possibly some ideas to add to those already on the table.

In short, every homeowner should attend even if it does take you away from your holiday routine for a couple of hours. To quote Aitken “The future of this town is in our hands” .

One would hope that Aitken will remain available, and that the new committee will call on him if necessary, to assist, particularly in the immediate future for no doubt his experience in dealing with the powers that be in both the KM council as well as those in Provincial Government in Bisho. would be invaluable.

Below is a copy of Aitken’s  “last newsletter” as Chairman.

Hi Folks

 As this is my last newsletter before standing down as Chairman, as well as being a committee member I would like to thank all of those people who have been so supportive over the last four years.

 There has been great activity in St Francis Bay with the filling of potholes, the slurrying of part of St Francis Drive as well as the cutting of grass verges and the general tidying up of our beautiful town.  Unfortunately, it appears that DEDEAT will still not give us permission to fix up the access to the beach at Ann Avenue but we will keep trying to the bitter end.  Most of the other accesses as well as the public toilets are in the process of final renovation.

Your Residents Association has written to the Provincial Road Authorities requesting additional signage at the temporary causeway over the Sand River.  They have promised to put up additional signage, however, the request for lights have been turned down as for the last two years these temporary structures were vandalised.  We gather that the contract still has not been awarded so work will definitely not commence until, at the very earliest, the end of January 2016.

After the visit in October by DEDEAT to meet with the Joint Beach and Spit Committee a number of issues were raised that required our environmentalist, Frank Silberbauer, to address which have now been responded to, but because of the timing we have requested an extension to the agreed finalisation date to protect ourselves from having to re-apply which would be a costly exercise to say the least.  Our understanding is that DEDEAT has accepted this request.

The handing over to the new St Francis Bay Residents Association Committee has progressed well and a presentation was given by members of the new committee on 25th  November at which they outlined their Five Year Plan.  This presentation will be repeated at the AGM once all the other formalities have been addressed.  It is very much in your interest to attend the AGM and give your support to their proposals.  The future of this town is in our hands” .