For those who do not read or subscribe to the St Francis Property Owners news, their latest newsletter bears good news with regard the recent CCTV camera installation.

The CCTV camera network s is now fully operational and both the SAPS and the private security companies have confirmed that the cameras have played an important role in reducing crime to the lowest levels in a long time.

Detectives have been able to make use of footage to effect several arrests of criminals offenders.

In the case of a person who attempted to vandalise the camera at the Main Beach. The offender was identified, apprehended, charged handed community service after appearing in court. The offender also made an official apology for the offense.

In another case, that of a hit and run fatality in Sea Vista the driver was identified and apprehended.

These cameras are providing a benefit to all law-abiding residents and visitors to all of St Francis Bay. The camera coverage on the Sea Vista Pathway, once it is upgraded, will provide additional security benefits to our pedestrians, especially those from Sea Vista.

The cameras are, however, a deterrent. We urge all residents and visitors to remain vigilant and continue to secure their own properties. Neighbourhood Watch, SAPS and the private security companies continue to do good work to catch and convict these criminals.