Wildside TIMES Issue 7 Is Live

Wildside TIMES Issue 7 Is Live

The latest issue of Wildside TIMES is live, now out in stores like The SPAR,  and available in print form as well as online (below)
Wildside TIMES Issue 7 contains such articles as:

The Coast Gym – A local success story.

A new start-up gym in the industrial area is growing in popularity and is a feel-good story on how to overcome hardships and believe in yourself and your dreams.

Exploring St Francis

So much to do in our little neighbourhood, but so little time. Here is some insight on a few cool missions to do during the holidays and some chilled places to visit.

Key College

The first year in review. Our own school had a cracker of a year and is growing in 2024.

The hunger for edibles.

More and more people are waking up to CBD and edibles, and you can get it everywhere in the country, including in our little town.

The St Francis Bay alphabet

A is for Anchor Garden, B is for Bruce’s Beauties, C is for Cape St Francis Resort, and D is for Denude. We managed to fill up the alphabet.

Adventure Racing World Championships review

A massive event in St Francis Bay.

The PGA review

Another huge event in what is becoming the event capital of the country. The Links hosted what was an incredible tournament.

Coffee – the magic Elixer

Some information and a few myths were exposed on our favourite little pick-me-up. Coffee is good for you, and we can’t get enough of the warm, golden-brown delight.

Wildfire The Dragon

The winning story from the St Francis Today online writing competition revisits those dreaded fires. Liz Spowart was the winning writer.

Dieting Decoded.

Need to know your Keto from your Intermittent Fasting? Your Banting from your DASH? This article will help and might even inspire you for a New Year’s Resolution.

Rip Curl GromSearch Seal Point

The groms came, they saw, and they conquered. Excellent waves, and great support from the Cape St Francis resort.
Wildside TIMES Issue 7 – Issue 7
Wildside Times Magazine Issue 7 In The Pipeline

Wildside Times Magazine Issue 7 In The Pipeline

Wildside Times Magazine Issue 7

St Francis Today is proud to announce that our print magazine, Wildside TIMES, is currently being out together for an early December distribution. 

The magazine is for locals and visitors alike, and it comes with a fully interactive online magazine that enjoyed 6,000 unique readers alone last issue.

Wildside Times Magazine Issue 7 is a full-colour glossy magazine that covers the St Francis Bay area, as well as Cape St Francis, Humansdorp and some of JBay.



Editorial Content

Some of the content for this issue includes retrospectives of the local events, such as the Adventure Racing World Champs, the Links PGA, the Rip Curl GromSearch and the Seal Point Pro surf events, as well as the JBay Open, The Calamari Classic and more.

We will also publish a look back on the first year of the St Francis Bay Key College, as well as dive into a few new businesses and ventures that have yet to have any coverage.

We will also be publishing a report of the storm damage and the results thereof, as well as the Kouga Municipality’s turnaround work on that damage. 

Looking Ahead.

We will also publish a What’s On list of local happenings and events, parties and bashes in and around St Francis Bay. It’s time for Billy’s Beach, and they have sneaked in that they will be featuring Catz ‘N Dogz, the award-winning Polish duo and ‘tech-house grove-doctors’ (I stole that phrase from an interview here). Also appearing at Billy’s this beach is the world-famous Dino Lenny. If you would like anything listed, hit us up at news@stfrancisbay.com

Advertising in Wildside TIMES

Print media is costly, and there is no way around it, but we try to keep the ad prices down for Wildside TIMES. Our rates have stayed the same for the last two years despite the constant increase in printing prices. We offer discounts and various added-value items, such as free cross-marketing across St Francis Today, Wildside Screens and our numerous and busy social media hubs.

Ad Rates

Double Page Spread (DPS) – R7k

Outside Back Cover (OBC) – R5k

Full Page (FP) – R4k

Half Page – R2k

Quarter Page – R1k

1/8th Page – R500

All our previous issues can be found online here

Also: Wildside TIMES Free For Your Website

Wildside TIMES Magazine Issue 7 in Production – Taking Submissions

Wildside TIMES Magazine Issue 7 in Production – Taking Submissions

We are proud to announce that we are in the midst of the production of Wildside TIMES issue 7. We are planning a bumper issue over the holiday season.

Looking Back

This issue will be looking back at some of the incredible events that we have had in St Francis Bay. These, include the PGA Golf Tournament at The Links. the Adventure Racing World Champs. Also,  the Rip Curl GromSearch at Seals as well as the Seal Point Pro JQS surfing event.

We will also be featuring the winner of the St Francis Today writing competition, as promised.

If we have missed any events that you would like to be covered, please send us an email at news@stfrancistoday.com

Looking Forward

With Wildside TIMES Magazine Issue 7, we would also like to cover all events that will be happening over the festive season, so please send us an email at news@stfrancistoday.com to make sure that your event or happening is covered.

The Wildside TIMES Magazine is a labour of love, but we do enjoy it so much. So any input or anything that you think would be cool to be covered in the magazine, please let us know. There are a few interviews and some funny stories. If you have an idea or an article, please feel free to submit it to us or pitch an idea to us. We are open to anything.

The Magazine For You

The response from the advertisers to Wildside TIMES Magazine Issue 7 has been very encouraging thus far. If you’d like our advertising rates or any other information on the magazine, please reach out to us as well. There are about six weeks left before we are in the midst of the glorious time that is summer and the silly season. So if you want to chill out and enjoy the sunsets or hit it big at a place like Billys Beach, this magazine is for you.

Remember that we will also have a fully tweaked online version of the magazine as well. The previous issue of the magazine can be read online here https://issuu.com/wildsidetimes

The editor



Popular Support For Wildside TIMES Magazine Issue 6 – All Back Issues Now Available Online

Popular Support For Wildside TIMES Magazine Issue 6 – All Back Issues Now Available Online

St Francis Bay: After a temporary pause, Wildside TIMES Magazine returned with force for Issue 6.

The features in this issue are:

On top of this, all the previous issues have been made available online as fully interactive e-mags with links and videos. They can be read online or downloaded to be read at your leisure. and all can also be fully embedded onto your website or Facebook page for your own traffic.

Catch up on what was happening last year in our town and beyond. 

Issue 1, March 2022

Featured articles

The inaugural Wine On Water review – Oh What Fun We Had! It was like a new world.

Kiting with the Dace Bros – Showing us how to do it when the wind is up.


 Issue 2, May 2022


Featured article

interview with The Weather Guru – Garth Sampson Tells it Like It Is, Ekse.


Issue 3 – July 2022

Featured article 

A Weekend At Pumba. Here There Be Lions, some amazing food, an elephant joining us for breakfast, and a very loud hippo!


Issue 4 October 2022

Featured article 

The things they lost in the fire, and the things they found in the aftermath – Nexus Is On Fire

Issue 5 – December 2022

Featured articles

Cape St Francis Resort Over The Years – Fun and games and pub sessions.

St Francis Brewery History An awesome story of one of our favourite spots.

The PGA At The Links The Links experience just keeps on getting better.

Things To Do In St Francis Bay Over Season – Long Read: So Much To Do, Such Little Time!

The publishers are working on Issue 7, which will come out in early August. For advertising or editorial enquiries, please mail craig@truthcollective.co.za 





Wildside TIMES Free For Your Website

Wildside TIMES Free For Your Website

Wildside TIMES is a free community magazine covering the greater St Francis area. We publish it every two months in print and with an interactive online version, with links and video embedding.


The content is local-based, and our travel stories are about locals who might have been travelling. The content includes interviews, profiles, events happening, sporting tournaments, local businesses and more.
The online version lets you read the magazine on your computer and any devices, including phones and tablets.



Should you want to embed the flip magazine on your website, you can either put an image on your site and link it to the magazine site (Issuu), or you can embed the actual magazine and have people read it on your site.

It is a straightforward procedure if you wish to load the magazine onto your website. Please feel free to ask for a cover image or any other images, and we will send them down along with the link and the embed code.
The magazine is popular, so it is an ideal way to get more traffic to your site, should you wish.
Otherwise, a Facebook link allows you to host the full-screen Facebook-friendly version on your own Facebook page, and it also has proven popular amongst local readers.


In issue 6, we have coverage of the St Francis Beer Run, an interview with Mickey Apps from Bay Painters, an in-depth look at our new High School, Key College, and a Bali travel story. We hear from the Slipway Surf Crew, profile Izzy Obray as our Golf Champ, and cover the St Francis Property Owners Association power security project. We publish the St Francis Today writing comp-winning entry – Small Town Swops’ by Saskia Boonzaier, and interview our cover photographer, Si Cunneen, amongst much more local content.
So should you want to put this magazine on your website, please reach out and ask for the keys.

Wildside TIMES Issue #6 Is Out. On shelves, as well as live and interactive.

Wildside TIMES Issue #6 Is Out. On shelves, as well as live and interactive.

Thank You For The Support!
The amount of support for Wildside TIMES Magazine has been quite incredible. So many people were phoning and asking if they could please advertise in the magazine and be a part of it, as opposed to us hustling for advertising and making cold calls. Knowing that the magazine has so much support in our village is gratifying.
We have the amazing cover photo from Si Cunneen to start the magazine (as well as an interview with the photographer inside).
One feature article is the cool interview with Cristan Sardinha, our new St Francis Bay High School founder, where we chat about her journey to St Francis Bay and setting up Key College.
We also have a Bali travel story, words from the Slipway Surf Crew and some news about the SFPO Association Power Security Project. Finally, there is a story of emerging golf champion Izzy Obray and a look back on the St Francis Bay Beer Run.
The magazine is available in print at various outlets in the village. Still, this issue is proving very popular and has been moving fast. The village likes to read and to read local news with a positive twist. Not too much about load-shedding, please. Let’s instead talk about extraordinary people and fun happenings in our village.
The magazine is also available online, in full colour and fully interactive. Click below to see the wonders of online magazines. You can read it here, or download it and read it later on your device of choice.
The story continues below…





















So once again, thank you, everyone, for the fantastic support, and we are proud to be part of the ever-changing, ever-growing community we live in.
The next magazine will be published at the end of July /first week of August. With the growing interest, we have already started taking ad bookings, and the magazine will be a bigger version. Some advertisers have booked for the whole year and, in so doing, have earned substantial discounts., If you would like to do that, please reach out

The Wildside TIMES publishing team