NSRI aid Dolhin and Kite Surfer

NSRI STATION 21 - St Francis Bay

NSRI Station 6 Port Elizabeth were alerted to a dolphin stranded on Cape Recife beach on Saturday morning and Sea Rescue Volunteers, Bay World staff and members of the Nelson Mandela Bay Marine Animal Stranding Network responded straight to the scene where they found a Common Dolphin well up on the beach.

Port Elizabeth NSRI Station Commander Ian Gray said,” We helped Dr Greg Hoffman and the Stranding Network volunteers to load the adult female Common Dolphin into their special stretcher and then into the Bay World vehicle to be transported to our Sea Rescue station.
“The Sea Rescue vessel JLT Rescuer was prepared and after transferring the dolphin to the Sea Rescue boat we transported her approximately 4 nautical miles out to sea where she was released at 10h05.

” We are cautiously optimistic that she will survive the ordeal,”said Ian.


In an incident off Cape St Francis on Friday afternoon NSRI Station 21 St Francis Bay were alerted to a Kite Surfer in difficulty. The sea rescue craft Spirit of St Francis II was launched and on arrival on the scene the kite-boarder, a local man aged in his early 50’s was found safe ashore after he abandoned his kite-board in big surf and swam to shore and he was safe and unharmed.

NSRI collected his board and kite using the sea rescue craft and brought it to shore and the experienced kite boarder required no further assistance.

Dolphin stranded on Cape Recife beach

Three mauled by Pit Bulls in JBay

Two pit bulls jumped a boundary fence and killed a dog and also injured three people.

Police spokesperson, Sergeant Majola Nkohli, said that a 67-year-old woman was walking her dog in Kabeljous Street in Jeffreys Bay when two pit bulls jumped a boundary fence of a house and attacked the elderly woman and her dog.  It is believed the dogs killed the woman’s dog then attacked the woman and two other people who came to her rescue.. Majola says the three injured victims were taken to hospital for treatment.  He said the SPCA was summoned to remove the pit bulls.

He said police opened a case of contravention of the Animal Matters Amendment Act (negligently allowing an animal to cause injury to another person) for investigation.

A Final Performance

Andrew Young in his final St Francis performance.

After 3 appearances in St Francis Bay, we are delighted to present his final show of this Tour. A never seen before music extravaganza “Diamonds”

After completing his Saxophone and Clarinet studies in London, Andrew moved to Germany to pursue a desire for a broader and more eclectic involvement in all genres of music.

He had the honour of performing as soloist with various Symphony Orchestras and engaged in session work and concerts alongside Pop/Jazz/Funk luminaries such as Matt Bianco and Precious Wilson Band.

The invitation to perform in South Africa whirled an engulfing wave of success with the Kwazulu Natal Philharmonic Orchestra and newly formed 5 piece Jazz/Funk/Fusion Band “Let It Flow.”

Andrew soon became involved in the crosscurrents of South African and International music, meeting and being invited to perform with artists such as Joseph Shabalala (Ladysmith Black Mambazo), Jonathan Butler, Shakatak, Shirley Bassey, James Galway as well as American R+B artist Keith Washington and a Tour of Austria with Dionne Warwick.

A Double Medical Aid Bill?

(BLOG) Who will be able to afford two medical aids?

Being man down with a bad dose of flu (yes men do suffer flu worse than women) I had a short moment of consciousness and happened on the ENCA TV broadcast of our honourable Minister of Health spelling out the new Health Act, Whilst I couldn’t stay wake to listen to the entire presentation I did however catch the gist of it.

In a nutshell the intent is to level the playing fields so that everyone will have equal access to good health care. Certainly sounds good but one must question if will it not drive up the cost of medical aid. For it to be effective it will need people to have trust in the services. We will all be contributing to a central fund and that seems non-negotiable. This will not mean an end to medical schemes however and those who can afford both can still contribute to their own scheme which seems most likely for many.

So the question must be ‘How much trust do we have in a state run system?’

A day or two ago a friend was relating a story of her domestic helpers nephew being stabbed in Sea Vista on Saturday. His assailants dumped him in a nearby skip and basically left him for dead but fortunately his groans were heard by a passing pedestrian who called the ambulance.

The ambulance never arrived so a kind local transported the lad to Humansdorp ER in a critical condition.

Over weekends it seems Humansdorp hospital becomes somewhat like military field hospital at the height of battle and apparently the ER is overrun by the wounded from stabbings and beatings. Sadly because they were too busy to care for this critically wounded lad he had to wait his turn, no matter how critical his wounds were, Sadly some two hours later he died of his wounds never having been attended.

So the question is, will the government be able to guarantee that the same quality of ambulance and hospital services as that of the privately administered services. In a case like this unfortunate lad he would an ambulance arrive and would the hospital have sufficiently available trained staff to deal with him in an overrun ER. If so wonderful for every life is important. not only the wealthy.

However one has doubts for would it not be a case of 10 percent of the population paying for the medical expenses of the other 90% of the population. Methinks if you don’t have the funds to contribute to the state fund and your to own private medical aid the lines and the waiting periods are going to get a whole lot longer


Farm Workers torch Orchards

Take care if you are visiting Addo today

Farm workers demanding a wage increase have torched orchard stores, tractors and equipment and  trees within the orchards. Employers are reportedly offering between 8% and 10 but the workers are demanding a 13% increase..

“It is alleged that a group of about 200 workers blocked route R336 extension leading to Moses Mabhida township in Kirkwood with stones and burning tyres. It is said that a group thereafter dispersed,” said Nkohli.

He said police later received reports of attacks on orchards in the area.

Nkohli said at this stage no case dockets have been opened, but confirmed that at least one orchard store and three tractors were set alight. There were also reports of palettes being piled within the orchards and then set alight in attempts to destroy the trees themselves.


BLOG: Have we lost our reality?

Have we lost our reality and our sense of humour?

This whole Mallett / Williemse saga has really been blown out of proportion and sadly made into a racial issue which it is not. Three men, all testosterone filled, ex rugby players, all with minds of their own; all with their own views, have a disagreement. One we know from watching him all these years always tries to dominate and so chooses ‘FIGHT’. The other who would also normally choose fight has had a bad day and for reasons of his own on this occasion, chooses ‘FLIGHT’.

No doubt similar scenarios are replayed in pubs, clubs, family dining room tables and even board room tables on an almost daily basis. Disagreement amongst family members, spouses, team mates, business partners is a given, And given time, everyone cools down, shake hands and are best of mates again. As kids (boys) growing up who didn’t e have an altercation with a pal or sibling, some that even turned to fisticuffs to resolve.

In the heat of a scrum or lineout, the odd punch so often erupted into opposing teams swinging handbags and hurling insults as colourful as any sailor but all is forgotten by the time they all get  into the pub after the game.

Mallett is abrasive, that is his nature, Naas waffles on (intelligently in rugby terms) and Ashwin stands at the replay analysis board commenting on visual replays. If that is not a recipe for disagreement what is?  And surely that is why we have these panels in rugby, soccer, cricket. Are all the panellists meant to agree with each other? If that is the case rather they should save money and employ only one person to commentate for that way there could be no disagreement.  And no viewers to listen to their one sided views.

As a nation we need to get our sense of humour back for in reality, Williemse storming off (which he did not in spite of the press saying he did) was actually funny. Reality TV!

There is hardly a channel that doesn’t have a reality program these days and what happened in the Supersport studio on Saturday would be what the makers of Survivor strive for and what  that horrible ‘Big Brother’  was all about.

NOTE: My spell check felt it necessary to rename Williemse, Williams and it was only noticed afer posting