Not so indelible, indelible ink

Watching ENCA News late yesterday afternoon Quite an interesting question came up during an Election Commission press briefing late yesterday afternoon. Amongst other question posed to the commission, one of the media rep stated he had managed to remove the indelible mark on his nail. This surely posed a risk that people could thus vote twice if not more so how secure was the voting. This second vote would obviously only apply to the national vote apparently as one would have to be registered at the polling station concerned for the provincial vote but one can vote at any polling station for the national vote.

The official was somewhat perplexed and seemed a little unsure on how to answer stating only that it was a criminal offense punishable by not less than 10 years in prison. He did however state there were ways that it could be detected but the more he was pushed on the question the less confident he appeared to be.  He insisted it almost impossible to remove the indelible mark as the nitric acid content in the ink had been increased form 15% to 20% since the last election to improve the resilience to removal.

Waiting to a little after 9:00 pm last evening, just in case the ‘indelible ink police’ decided to raid, I set about testing the ink’s resilience. Using only my opposing thumb I proceeded to rub my left thumbnail with my right thumb using only a little saliva. I had the ink off the nail within about 20 seconds. I then started on the skin above the nail gently scratching the skin and that too was gone within 30 seconds. Last election the ink stayed on for four or five days if I remember correctly.

Surely this should have been better tested or, as in past elections, a sticker be stuck in your green book and surely there must be a system of adding data to the smart card to indicate a vote. If not what is the purpose of a smart card that isn’t all that smart.

There are bound to be plenty incidences that need to be investigated and so we now sit and wait for the final outcome whilst each party accuses the other of electoral fraud or whatever else they can dig up.

Oh well another election come and gone and so we wait to hear if the ANC is really going to crackdown on corruption or are they going to team up with the EFF to rape what is left of the fiscal. Let us hope Ramaphosa is a man of his word and that all his corrupt comrade’s end up wearing orange overall for the next fifteen years.

I’m ditching DSTV but not because of Steve Hofmeyer

The spat between Multichoice and Steve Hofmeyer has made headlines the past week and one must question their decision to ban all Hofmeyer related content from its broadcasts. It does seem rather reminiscent of SABC during the apartheid years. John Lennon’s claim to be more popular than Jesus resulted in the Beatles being banned from the airwaves as were other songs the Nat government could understand sufficiently to realise they were anti-apartheid protests.

Hofmeyer certainly has made statements that do little to nurture goodwill between certain race groups but then again Julius Malema, Andile Mngxitama and other EFF and BLF members have spouted in the past. And they continue to spout! Whilst Multichoice may not directly broadcast Malema and Mngxitama utterings they do supply the platform through which their venomous utterances are made.

Certainly Multichoice has double standards.

But no I am not ditching Multichoice because of Stevie boy although I can’t stand his music or racial outbursts but I am giving up Multichoice because they are a rip off in more ways than one.

Let’s start with the programming.

The movies are repeated over and over and over and many date back to the past Century and these are what are mainly broadcast on the ‘cheaper’ packages. They actually showed a movie on Channel 110 this week with John Ritter in it made in 1990. Ritter died in 2003.

Sport is a primary reason many of us actually watch TV but alas, unless you are a soccer fan you are not going to get much to watch.

As for their Showmax package, they advertise this at R49 they charge R95 until you bring it to their attention. But don’t be fooled Showmax has such a poor choice you will soon be converting to Netflix.

But whatever you do, don’t downgrade your package for they are just waiting to threaten and abuse you. Firstly they will take your (correct) subscription on stop order at month end but a week or two later they will disconnect your service and demand an amount two or three times higher than your subscription to reconnect you. So you spend an hour or two on the phone, at cell phone rates, and they finally concede their error and reconnect you.

But your hell is not yet over for come month end they again deduct money from your bank account this time at over twice the cost of your chosen package. Another hour on the phone to eventually be told how sorry they are but they will credit your account for next month. So now they have a few hundred rand of your money to invest whilst your account sits close to bankruptcy.

Don’t ask for a statement from Multichoice, they haven’t processed these since January but do go into the transaction list on their website. You will find all sorts of charges for ‘Access Fees’ and other charges they seem unable to explain.

More and more television alternatives are becoming available and for the moment I will certainly be looking to Netflix at R135 a month to supply my entertainment. Yes there are data charges but Vodacom has come up with more competitive packages as hove others and data has become almost as much a necessity today as electricity in modern society.

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BLOG – Two of the ‘Greatest Comebacks Ever’ in sport?

It truly was a weekend filled with sport and certainly two amazing comebacks … BUT!

If  you are a sport fanatic there was barely a moment starting at 3:00pm Thursday and ending nigh on 9:00 on Sunday that your eyes had time to be rested. The Masters of course was the major attraction (you will excuse the pun) but there was more. The Chinese Grand Prix with practice on Friday and Saturday and the race early Sunday morning. The Singapore Sevens was always just a click away (wow well done Blitsbokke – The Greatest Comeback Ever’). Super Rugby swa The Bulls and Stormers wave the SA flag but the Lions woes continue and well the Sharkes rather than the greatest comeback performed the greatest turn around with a score that is too embarrassing to put in writing. How can a side who played so well just a week earlier play so badly? Judging by the stadium crowds Super Rugby has lost its glamour. Of course there was soccer and even some good tennis and exciting IPL and local (SA) cricket – enough to give one a sore thumb!

But golf took centre stage in what is being dubbed ‘The Greatest Comeback Ever’.

But was it?

Here are a few  that could be considered great comebacks.

Paul Lawrie in the 1999 Open was trailing by 10 strokes going into the final round and won the coveted Claret Jug. It must be said he was rather helped by the greatest collapse when Jean van de Velde triple bogeyed the final hole to allow Lawrie the win.

Bethany Hamilton (Surfing) lost her entire arm when a 14-foot tiger shark attacked her as she surfed with friends in Hawaii in 2003. Doctors estimated that she lost almost 60% of her blood as she underwent several surgeries. Remarkably she was released after only a few days. Even more remarkably she returned to surfing just three weeks later. She was 23 years old. She won the Explorer Women’s division at the 2005 National Championships, and joined the pro circuit in 2007, where she continued to win events.

Then we had an almost tragedy when Monica Seles was stabbed by a spectator in  1993. She missed two full seasons but returned in 1995, winning her first event — the Canadian Open — before reaching the final of the US Open the following month.

She lost to Graf, and had to wait until the next grand slam before she won. Sadly, the 1996 Australian Open was to be her only major singles victory although she was runner-up in two more.

At the 1976 German Grand Prix, a terrifying crash saw Niki Lauda trapped in his car and engulfed in flames. Less than six weeks after the accident Lauda returned to the track for the Italian Grand Prix, finishing fourth. He had won the driver’s championship in 1975, ended up missing out on the title by one point in 1976, and then went on to win it in 1977, and again in 1984, taking his place among the sport’s greats.

And yet another golfer, Ben Hogan survived a horrific head on collision with a Greyhound bus. He suffered a broken clavical, a complex double fracture of the pelvis, a fractured left ankle, broken ribs and facial injuries. Doctors said he would probably never walk again, let alone play golf. In hospital, he then nearly died from blood clots, which resulted in circulation and fatigue problems which lasted the rest of his life. Eighteen months after his near-fatal accident, Hogan won the 1950 US Open at Merion. He won the Masters and the US Open in 1951, playing just five events and winning three of them.

In 1953, he won five out of six, including the Masters, the US Open and the Open Championship. Hogan won nine majors in his career, six of which came after the car crash.

And there are many others so if you can remember some why not add them to the comeback list in the COMMENTS below. Any human ‘comeback’ achievement, not only sport.

Win a Giant Choc Bunny

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The Grade 7 class are raising money for their tour at the end of the year. They are selling tickets for the chance to win this giant Belgian Chocolate bunny. Tickets are R10 each and if you buy 5 tickets, you get one FREE. If you are interested in buying tickets, the Grade 7’s will be taking turns to sell their tickets in front of the office every morning before school.  Alternatively contact the office for EFT details. 
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Giant Belgium Chocolate Bunny

Goodbye, April Fools’

Over the past week St Francis Today contemplated several subjects we felt cwould make good April Fools stories to fool some of our readers. One after the other ideas were discarded as possibly being too sensitive to the feelings of one group or another or being interpreted incorrectly even to a point as being labelled ‘fake news’ intended to stir up racial or political discord.

So sensitive have we become as a society on political and racial correctness that even in jest comments are now misconstrued to serve purposes of those who read ulterior meaning even into what is really intended as humorous.

Thank goodness for van der Merwe and the Irish for it seems they, the van der Merwe’s and the Irish have retained their tolerance and the sense of humour at being the butt of jokes without causing outcries. It seems almost everything else is off the table.

Sadly Facebook and other social media must accept some of the blame for this increased sensitivity to innocent comment and it can almost be taken as read that there will be seemingly funny Facebook posts today that will stir up a storm when they are read out of context of April Fools’ day by …. well fools!.

Interestingly none of the major digital news media featured an April Fools’ story today but Branko Brkic writing in the Daily Maverick puts it succinctly!

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