Inaugural Alaïa Open Winter Cup Surf Event Is Happening In Switzerland!

Inaugural Alaïa Open Winter Cup Surf Event Is Happening In Switzerland!


Inaugural Alaïa Open Winter Cup Surf Event Is Happening In Switzerland!

Alaïa Bay lefts. Pretty sick.


Sion, Switzerland – Despite some minor global challenges, the Alaïa Open Winter Cup is happening this weekend, and the warm-up sessions start tomorrow, 3 December 2021. Surfers from all over Switzerland and various hubs worldwide have begun arriving at Alaïa Bay. The wave pool is steaming with all the red-hot talent warming up for the event.

The Alaïa Open Winter Cup is the first major event at Alaïa Bay, and there is US$75,000 up for grabs in prizes and cash for those surfers who excel in this event. 

During the surfing event, Alaïa Bay is hosting the Saturday Evening Party. This party will be hosted by Lunarts, the makers of WooMoon and StoryTellers – with an eight-hour showcase direct from Ibiza. 

Despite the party on Saturday night, the Alaïa Open Winter Cup is a hardcore surf event. The temperatures in Switzerland are fresh, and there is even a chance of snow on the final day. Current weather in Sion HERE.

The Alaïa Bay competition qualifications on Saturday 4 December will have a unique format, ideally suited to the workings of the wavepool. First, surfers get to choose their best option, be it a left or a right-breaking wave. Then, each surfer gets a one-hour session with others in which to showcase their skills. After that hour, top scores will be tallied.


Zeke Lau at Alaïa Bay

Zeke Lau at Alaïa Bay


 At the end of the first day, the top riders will advance to the final day. The format for the finals day will be the standard competition format as per ISA rules. Contest Director is a Swiss-born surfer, Swiss Surfing Association’s Dario Müller.

“We’re very excited about the upcoming Alaïa Open,” said Alaïa Bay founder Adam Bonvin. The 25-year-old Swiss surfer has been the driving force behind Alaïa Bay. It will be great to have the best Swiss surfers here, and we look forward to watching them surf. We are also very excited to see the international competitors competing at our wavepool. This event is all about the surfers.

All the event information can be found here:

To see some of the action, check out the webcam:






Surfing Today with Rip Curl – Matthew McGillivray Into Round of 32 at Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold Haleiwa Challenger

Surfing Today with Rip Curl – Matthew McGillivray Into Round of 32 at Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold Haleiwa Challenger

HALEIWA, Oahu/Hawaii (Tuesday, November 29, 2021) – The World Surf League (WSL) Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold Haleiwa Challenger, the final stop of the 2021 Challenger Series, fired back into action with four-to-six foot swell delivering for competitors to put on a showcase of high-performance surfing despite the wind-swept and challenging conditions. Men finalized their stacked Round 3 draw after the conclusion of Round 2 before the women made their brilliant debuts in solid conditions to complete Round 1.

South Africa’s Matthew McGillivray already booked his spot in the Round of 32 when he finished behind Callum Robson (AUS) on Friday. McGillivray will be up in the first heat when competition resumes.

HALEIWA, HAWAII – NOVEMBER 26: Matthew McGillivray of South Africa prior to surfing in Heat 4 of the Round of 64 at the Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold Haleiwa Challenger on November 26, 2021 in Haleiwa, Hawaii. (Photo by Brent Bielmann/World Surf League)

The Men’s Round 2 kicked off in difficult conditions and it all came down to wave selection. Shane Sykes (ZAF) opened the heat to get a 4.50 on the scoreboard and put pressure on the rest of the competitors. The tricky conditions meant Sykes couldn’t find a decent scoring potential and made some priority mistakes. He managed to get a wave right on the buzzer, but it wasn’t enough to overtake Luke Swanson (HAW) and Samuel Pupo (BRA).

A tricky start to the morning provided more drama for the race to men’s CT qualification as tribulation continued for CT qualification hopefuls such as Imaikalani deVault (HAW) who fell to an electric performance from a Brazilian duo, former CT competitors Alex Ribeiro and Wiggolly Dantas. Ribeiro finished with a solid heat win, showcasing his dominant backhand attack to leave Kade Matson (USA) and deVault searching for a score.

However, it was Deivid Silva (BRA), who will return to the CT in 2022, that lit up Haleiwa with his insurmountable backhand attack to garner a 14.20 heat total, helping to eliminate current Challenger Series No. 29 Alejo Muniz (BRA), while No. 15 hopeful Jordan Lawler (AUS) advanced. Silva’s ability to read the conditions and deliver the day’s strongest performance put his fellow competitors on notice that his year is not quite done following his runner-up finish at the Corona Open Mexico CT finale.

“I have great memories here making the Final in 2018, I like these waves and I’m very happy (to make it through),” said Silva. “This event is a smart one for me to come to and get ready for the CT and I’m stoked to be here at Haleiwa and I’m looking for a good result.”

Fellow Brazilians Samuel Pupo, looking to jump into the Top 12 qualification bubble, and former CT competitor Caio Ibelli, both earned vital heat wins to secure their dominance of Round 2.

Don Your Fullsuit – Switzerland’s First Wave Pool Contest Gears Up!

Don Your Fullsuit – Switzerland’s First Wave Pool Contest Gears Up!

There’s always a first, as Switzerland’s first wave pool contest gears up!

Sion, Switzerland – This weekend, 4/5 December, we will see the inaugural Alaïa Open Winter Cup wave pool surf event at Alaïa Bay. Yep, Switzerland’s first wave pool contest gears up!

Omicron threatened to steal some of the thunder, but the crew at Alaïa Bay haven’t come this far in their first year to be battered down by a miscreant variant. 

Although there are quite a few restrictions and quarantine hassles, some surfers have already figured out a few sneaky passages into Switzerland, and the contest looks like it will be a big one.

Switzerland's first wave pool contest gears up!

Ibiza DJ’s

To ensure that the Alaïa Open will be the place to be this winter, the organisers have also hired some of the best of Ibiza’s DJ’s for a 5-hour set into the night on Saturday. These DJ’s from Lunarts include the likes of Landikhan, Jo.Ke (live) Raw Main, Manduta (live) and Angie O. Apparently, these guys rule the electronic scene, and if you’re into this kind of music, these guys and gals are the real deal.  

Alaïa Bay, perfectly situated for a party

Still, it is a surf event, with $75,000 US as prizes and cash. So there is some real interest in this event. It will be cold, but those guys who have experienced surfing this particular pool have said it’s easily manageable. A good suit and lots of paddling, and all is warm as toast.

A Few Slots Open

It’s pretty late in the day to get to Switzerland by the weekend, especially with the travel restrictions. However, at last count, there were a few slots still open in the event. So if you happen to be in the area or nearby, you could still get a slot and get a few sessions in the pool. 

Alaia Bay is a Wavegarden Cove model, but it is perfectly streamlined with a smaller beach area for the best in a high-performance wave pool arena. Less pool area means slightly bigger wave faces, more power and a rather fierce-looking Beast Mode.

A Great Event

“We’re very excited about the upcoming Alaïa Open,” said Alaïa Bay founder Adam Bonvin. The 25-year-old Swiss surfer has been the driving force behind the realisation of the Alaïa Bay facility. This competition will further cement Alaïa Bay as the on-trend wavepool and the place to be. “My wish is for everyone to come to this event and have fun. The surfing will be high performance, and the Surfer Evening will be a great place to listen to some great DJ’s, network and meet like-minded people,” added Bonvin. “Surfers, surf industry members, sponsors and media will all be together, but let’s not forget that this event is all about the surfers. It will be great to have the best Swiss surfers here, and we look forward to watching them surf. We are also very excited to see the international competitors competing at our wavepool.

Switzerland's First Wave Pool Contest Gears Up!  

Beast Mode

Talking of competing at the Alaïa Bay wavepool, It took many talented surfers quite a few sessions and so many wipe-outs to figure out the Beast Mode. However, the advice that seems to come through from everyone who has surfed there – the likes of Zeke Lau, Jeremy Flores and Rob Machado, to name a few – is to point your board forward, towards the ‘beach’ so to speak, and not towards the exit of the tube. 

Sounds tricky, but the tube is so round, the wave is not moving that fast, and to stay in the pocket and not pearl, you need to point your shooter more towards the front of the tube. Almost as if you were going to doggy-door the barrel. But you’re not. You’re going to come out in a blast of frozen Swiss winter slush and get the stoke and the rush of surfing just around the corner from some epic pow. 

In fact, there’s every chance that, if you were into it, you could do the Californa Double (surf and snowboard on the same day). That would be quite a thing. 

Check out the Alaïa Open Facebook Group 

To check a bit of Beast Mode, watch the Surfline Webcam


Surfing Today – presented by Rip Curl

Surfing Today – presented by Rip Curl

2022 Rip Curl Pro Search Taghazout Bay

  • World Class waves await Europe and Africa’s Best in Morocco
  • Rip Curl GromSearch European Final Heads to Taghazout Bay
  • More information at


ANCHOR POINT, Taghazout Bay / Morocco (Monday, November 22, 2021) – The World Surf League is stoked to announce the confirmation of the 2022 Rip Curl Pro Search Taghazout Bay. This exciting Qualifying Series (QS) event will come back after a successful first edition in early 2020 before the global pandemic put a halt to surfing events worldwide.

“We’re thrilled to return to Morocco and finally bring the event back to Taghazout Bay,” Cheyne Bradburn, Events & Marketing Manager, WSL Europe said. “The first edition was incredible, and we were all disappointed about not running it in 2021. The event will now step-up to another level with the arrival of Rip Curl, which confirms the potential of this event and rewards the work done locally to make it happen in 2020. The Rip Curl Pro Search Taghazout Bay is not only a major international surf contest, but also a great way to promote this world-class surf destination.”

“When we first discussed getting involved with the QS event in Anglet, we stated we were keen to sponsor one or more events elsewhere,” Mathieu Lefin, President of Rip Curl Europe stated. “We wanted to see pro surfing back in our region and we felt QS events needed our support, so we said we’d sponsor the QS event in Taghazout Bay too. We want this event in Morocco to reflect the spirit of ‘The Search’ following on from when we did ‘The Search’ events in Reunion Island, Mexico, Chile, Bali, USA and more recently Rottnest Island in Australia. We are stoked to sponsor the Rip Curl Pro Search Taghazout Baywhich will be an important stop for the European and African QS legs in 2022.”

Though not a first-time location per say, Taghazout is still a fresh new addition to the Qualifying Series, counting for both the European and African tours, bringing the best surfers from both continents to the world class waves of Anchor Point.

When the event ran last year, conditions allowed competition to run at Anza first, a backup location that proved epic as well with super rippable waves and countless excellent numbers. But as soon as the first proper swell manifested on the charts, the anticipation was too much to take as surfers eyed competing on the world class rights of Anchor Point, a perfect, long and powerful wave. It proved just as dreamy as expected with two incredible days of competition that ultimately crowned California’s Nat Young as the event winner.

The waiting period from February 21-27, 2022 is ideal for swell and winds and could hopefully see the whole event unfold in classic Anchor Point conditions. This time around, everybody will be able to enjoy watching all the action as the event will be webcast LIVE around the world, through all of the WSL’s platforms.

“I’m beyond happy to have this event again right at home where everything started for me,” Ramzi Boukhiam, pro surfer and Taghazout local stated. “This is clearly the best time of year to be there waves-wise. All the surfers were super stoked to discover the region, the locals and the culture and pretty vocal about it post event. Of course for me the result was a little disappointing so I’m happy to get another shot. Things are moving in the right direction in Morocco with more and more events throughout the country and more and more surfers into it, which is a great sign for the future. I am very proud to represent Morocco at the highest level and I’ll continue to do so no matter what.”

Thanks to Boukhiam’s many successes throughout the world, the next generation of talent from Morocco has already started making their mark on various tours from the Juniors to the QS and undoubtedly more will follow as the sport’s popularity continues to grow.

The second edition of the Pro Taghazout Bay is supported by the Royal Moroccan Federation of Surfing, a partner of the World Surf League since the inaugural Pro Casablanca in 2015.

“We are happily involved again in support of this important event that gives Moroccan surfers an opportunity to hone their skills against some of the world’s best surfers,” Mohamed Kadmiri, the federation president stated. “This new edition comes at an important time where Moroccan surfers both male and female get more and more interested in professional surfing. Through national, international and Olympic events, the federation’s clear goal is to nurture a new generation of surfers with high potential.”

“Taghazout Bay is delighted to welcome the second edition of what is considered a prestigious stop on the Qualifying Series,” Laïla Bensouda, Deputy General Manager of Taghazout Bay stated. “This will shine more light on the surf spots and the region in general at a global level, especially with the action going LIVE for everyone to witness. We will also offer visitors unique experiences with a focus on sustainability.”

The 2021-22 Qualifying Series started in August and will wrap on April 10, 2022 just in time to qualify the best surfers from the QS around the world for the exciting new 8-stop Challenger Series. In Europe, surfers can count on up to six events, two of which have already happened. Israel, Morocco and two events in mainland Portugal remain. For African surfers, up to five events are on the cards with locations in South Africa, Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal and Morocco.

Prior to the main show, Taghazout will also host the European Final of the Rip Curl GromSearch. 36 surfers from all over the Old Continent will battle in Under-16, Under-14 and Under-12 categories, both boys and girls for the titles. The Rip Curl GromSearch is a real hotbed of young talent, having uncovered future World Champions such as 7x World Champion Stephanie Gilmore (AUS), 2x World Champion Gabriel Medina (BRA) and many more.

Due to the continued evolution with COVID-19 and out of an abundance of caution for the safety of athletes, fans, staff and the local communities, all events and dates are subject to change.

The 2022 Rip Curl Pro Pro Search Taghazout Bay is scheduled from February 21-27, 2022, at Anchor Point, Taghazout Bay / Morocco. For all results, photos, video highlights and press releases, log on to

The Rip Curl Pro Search Taghazout Bay is supported by Rip Curl, Taghazout Bay, the Moroccan Royal Federation of Surfing, the Region Souss-Massa and Fairmont Taghazout Bay among others.

Over The Edge Surf Movie, Starring Matt Bromley, Is On Tour

Over The Edge Surf Movie, Starring Matt Bromley Is On Tour

Viewings and Q&A With Matt Bromley Across The Country



Big wave surfer Matt Bromley from Cape Town is touring the country with his new movie, Over The Edge. Featuring some of the biggest waves and heaviest line-ups on the planet, the film documents Matt’s journey around the globe to find the biggest waves he can find and ride them.

It features big wave footage from Cape Town, Ireland, Indonesia, Hawaii and more, and Monster Energy athlete Bromley’s journey across a COVID-fraught world in his bid to push the limits and overcome his fear.

There will be questions and answers with Bromley at some of the showings.

The movie is for sale here

Countrywide Viewing Schedule:

Tuesday 23 November 18h00

Blue Bird Garage Market

Tickets available on Quicket

Wednesday 24 November 18h30

2 Schafer Square, Humewood

R40 at the door

Live Q and A and lucky draw prizes.



Thursday 25 November 18h00

Surf Café Plettenberg Bay

R100 at the door

Friday 26 November 18h30

Salt Rock screening at Co-Church, 27 Old Main Road, Umhlali (next door to SAPS)

Saturday 27 November 18h15

Grace Family Church uMhlanga


Distributed by Truth Collective

Cape Town Big Wave Surfer Matt Bromley Releases His Surf Movie ‘Over The Edge.’

Cape Town Big Wave Surfer Matt Bromley Releases His Surf Movie ‘Over The Edge.’

Press release

For immediate release

Tuesday 19 October 2021


Cape Town Big Wave Surfer Matt Bromley Releases His Surf Movie ‘Over The Edge.’




Kommetjie, Cape Town – Matt Bromley, a globally respected and revered big wave surfer, has released his surf movie Over The Edge. The film, a 54-minute documentary, tells the tale of just how Bromley became one of the best and most passionate big wave surfers in the world. Over the Edge follows Matt’s two-year journey expanding the boundaries of his mental and physical ability through his surfing. 

Bromley has been chasing big waves for many years, jumping between Hawaii, California, Indonesia, South Africa, and Ireland. All to find the biggest waves he can find and push himself over the edge to catch and ride these behemoths. 

Much of the movie focuses on Jaws, the big wave spot on Maui in Hawaii. “Jaws is the pinnacle of big wave surfing, and it has also been the pinnacle of my big wave career,” said Monster Energy rider Bromley. “It also includes the session I had at maxing Nias.” Bromley was surfing Sorake Beach on Nias Island in Indonesia when some of the biggest waves ever seen there exploded over the famous horseshoe-shaped reef.


Matt Bromley, Jaws/Pe’ahi, Maui, Hawaii.   © Framegrab.


The movie covers the drama of travelling through a COVID-ravaged world, and Bromley’s wife having a baby, all while he was in pursuit of that one bomb wave at Jaws.

The unassuming Bromley is quick to point out that he is not simply some surfer filled with bravado but an analytical thinker. Bromley is someone who plans his big wave sessions carefully, including complex physical training as part of his planning. 

“The more physically prepared you are, the more confident you are,” says Matt. He laughs at the cliché of big wave surfers being reckless cowboys. Instead, he adopts a highly analytical approach to chasing big waves, both in and out of the water.


Over The Edge Trailer

“When I see a swell building on the charts, I try to break down and analyse every single element of the swell. Are the waves going to be increasing or decreasing on the day? What are the dangers at the spot I’ve got my sights on? What are my lineups going to be? Is my equipment ready? I try to visualise the exact conditions that there are likely to be on the day and prepare accordingly.”

Eliminating as many variables as possible allows you to take control of the situation, says Matt. Or, at least, as much control as you can have in amongst 50-foot seas.

The movie is available here –

Matt Bromley, Sorake Beach © Ted Grambeau