Surfer Dies At Seals

Surfer Dies At Seals

A surfer got into difficulties while surfing at Seal Point yesterday afternoon. Despite spirited efforts to resuscitate him by local surfers, doctors, the NSRI and the local lifeguards, he passed away.

Apparently, the surfer, a visitor from the Cape, lost his board and was having difficulty in the rip at Seals in fairly small conditions. He was carried over the rocks by other surfers, and despite extensive CPR and attempts at resuscitation, he unfortunately didn’t make it.

It was mentioned that the surfer had a medical condition that might have played a part in the tragedy.

It was a fairly busy day at the beach, with many local surfers and families enjoying the day as their last day of the school holidays when the tragedy occurred.

We would like to wish condolences to the family and loved ones of the deceased.

The NSRI will release an official statement later this morning.

Review Jordy Smith Premier of Plus 27 at Billy’s Beach

Review Jordy Smith Premier of Plus 27 at Billy’s Beach

Last night saw the premier of Jordy Smith’s new movie at Billy’s Beach. Surfers visiting the area from all over the world congregated to catch up, say howzit to Jordy and filmer Nick Christy and watch some A-grade surfing.

Review Jordy Smith Premier

The movie, Plus 27, was some of the most radical and inspiring surfing seen from Jordy over the year, as well as some footage of some new right-hander that was seriously massive, with Jordy charging hard as the gathered surfers cheered on.


The 2024 Campaign

Jordy has been chilling at home in JBay while hanging out with his family and preparing for his 2024 campaign on the World Championship Tour of surfing. He had an average year last year, with a 5th place at Pipeline as his best result. Jordy was runner-up to the world title in 2016 and came third on the world tour in 2019, so a world title is still in his grasp.

Review Jordy Smith Premier

No Event In JBay

This year is Jordy’s ‘serious’ year; he has been training and getting fit and ready for the gruelling year on tour. The only bummer is that it is a year that we will not see an event in JBay, and the JBay event is the one contest that Jordy usually excels in.

The Demise Of Surf Media

Still immensely popular, the surfers came out in their droves to see the movie, and with the demise of both Boardtalk Magazine as well as Zigzag Magazine in South Africa, there isn’t too much in the way of specific surf media anymore apart from Insta and Tiktok. Hence, seeing the amount of hard work and effort put into this production is gratifying.

Local Filmer

Nick Christy, a St Francis Bay local, has worked with Jordy for several years as his filmer and has amassed some incredible footage. This was his moment to put the unseen footage together and edit it into a package that the surfers would love, which they did.

Review Jordy Smith Premier

Seal Point legend Nick Godfrey (left) and filmer Nick Christy

Billy’s Beach Big Jol

When it was over, it was time for everyone to leave Billy’s arena, as the big jol was set to kick off at 8 pm. As another surfer, Wade ‘Needles’ Lewis, got behind the decks for the first set of the night, we all headed home, inspired by the radical surfing we had witnessed of Jordy in top form.

Review Jordy Smith Premier

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