Rotary Club of St Francis Receives Prestigious Awards

Rotary Club of St Francis Receives Prestigious Awards

(pic District 9370 Governor Jacques Venter hands Award to Rotary Club St Francis President Lindsay Pearson)


At the Rotary Conference 2024, the district governor bestowed upon various clubs a series of esteemed awards, recognizing their exceptional contributions and achievements. We are thrilled to share that the Rotary Club of St Francis has been honoured with three remarkable citations:

Best Quarterly Newsletter: Our commitment to effective communication and keeping our members informed has been acknowledged through this prestigious award. See it here Rotary Newsletter – Jan Feb March 2024

Outstanding Fundraiser – Wine on Water: Our innovative fundraiser, “Wine on Water,” has not only showcased our creativity but also highlighted our dedication to raising funds for vital causes.

Most Outstanding Club of the Year: Amongst the 81 clubs in the district, our club has been recognized as the most outstanding over the course of the year. This is a testament to the collective effort and impact of our projects.

During the award presentation, the district governor highlighted some of the impactful projects that our club has been involved with, including supporting:

  • The St Francis Bay Fire Station
  • The Sea Vista Clinic
  • Sea Vista Library
  • Youth and School programs
  • Environmental Projects
  • Maternal Health Care

As a young club, we are immensely proud to have received these citations, which underscore our commitment to service and community development. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the community for your unwavering support. Without you, these achievements would not have been possible.

Thank you to all our Rotary members and to the community for being an integral part of our journey towards making a positive difference in St Francis and beyond!



Rotary Hand Over Football Kit On Behalf Of Billy’s Beach

Rotary Hand Over Football Kit On Behalf Of Billy’s Beach

The annual Billie’s Beach Music Festival, a renowned event over the New Year period in St Francis Bay, has solidified its place as a staple for adult teenagers and millennials alike. In recent years, the festival has expanded its impact by including a major fundraising evening known as the Billie’s Beach Ballies Party, aimed at 30 to 50-year-olds, typically parents of the attending teenagers.

Recognizing the importance of community development, the festival organizers, many of whom are holiday homeowners residing outside the town, have entrusted the management and execution of community projects to the Rotary Club of St Francis. Under this collaboration, Rotary Club of St Francis has embarked on ten projects, collectively valued at R500,000, all subject to regular feedback and progress reports.

One of the notable initiatives is the provision of soccer kits to established clubs in Sea Vista. These kits, consisting of shirts, socks, shorts, bibs, kit bags, and soccer balls, have been distributed to eight identified clubs, each receiving two sets for their main and junior teams or an away strip. Each set includes 16 shirts, shorts, and socks, with specific allocations for outfield players, goalkeepers, and substitutes.

A total budget of Eighty Thousand Rand was allocated for this purpose, with additional contributions of bibs, bags, and balls generously donated by Mike’s Sports. All involved parties emphasize the importance of promoting sporting activities for fostering health and positive attitudes within the community.

SF Rotary extends its sincere gratitude to Billie’s Beach Music Festival, the organizers of the Ballies Party, Warren Adler, and Giancarlo Lanfranchi, who share a passion for soccer, as well as Mike Augustides, director of Mikes Sports, for facilitating this impactful initiative.

Rotary Projects – The Good Work Continues

Rotary Projects – The Good Work Continues

Commander Sarah Smith, Ryan Christie, Warren Adler, and Shaun (Billy) Payne representing Billy’s Beach with Rotarians Andrew Watson and Ivan Beaumont.


At the NSRI Boat House in Port St Francis recently, St Francis Rotarians handed over specialized batteries to improve communication between boats and shore to NSRI Station 21 Commander Sarah Smith. This donation was made possible by the generous donation of funds raised at the Billy’s Beach Ballies’ event in early January. Present at the hand over were Commander Sarah Smith, Ryan Christie, Warren Adler, and Shaun (Billy) Payne representing Billy’s Beach with Rotarians Andrew Watson and Ivan Beaumont. The Good Work Continues


Rotary project to deliver sani-pads for school girls

Rtn Lesley de Jager is leading up the project to provide sanitary pads for school girls in an effort to ensure that no one need miss schooling for lack of these essential hygiene products. This project is made possible through funds entrusted to the Rotary Club by Billy’s Beach. So far Les and her team have supplied to Sea Vista Primary School in St Francis, Nico Malan High, Stulting Primary, Rainbow Village Special Needs, Humansdorp Secondary, Msingizi Primary and Lungiso High Schools in Humansdorp. So, the good work continues.

The Good Work Continues

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Annual Rotary Golf Day presented by Buco St Francis

Annual Rotary Golf Day presented by Buco St Francis

The Annual Rotary St Francis Golf Day, presented by Buco St Francis, is scheduled for 27 April 2024 at the St Francis Old Course.

Have you ever wondered just what Rotary does for the community? Read on! It’s quite an amazing list of projects that they are working on, and we would like to thank Rotary and all their hard-working volunteers. They also donated to the Seal Point Boardriders Surf Club to help them with an up-to-date First Aid kit.



Annual Rotary Golf Day





Rotary Club of St Francis Areas of Focus:

  •   Education and Youth Development
  •   Health
  •   Environment
  •   Skills Training and Job Creation
  •   Food Security

    Rotary Club of St Francis Projects:

    Donations from the public, Foundations and Corporates as well as the proceeds of the Club’s fundraising events like the Annual Rotary Golf Day support the following projects:

  •   Disney Land Creche – substantial improvement to this small school’s infrastructure have been facilitated by the Club. This includes replacing the roof, improving the toilet facilities, construction of a secure boundary fence and gate, provision of water storage tanks. In addition, the school has been supplied with new cooking and catering facilities, educational equipment and restored playground equipment.
  •   Talhado Children’s Haven Montessori Pre-Primary School – This school has been assisted with ongoing maintenance to the school buildings including roof replacement, upgraded cooking and catering equipment, computers and Montessori teaching aids, playground equipment and upgraded ablution facilities. The school is in need of funds to provide ongoing training to the Montessori teachers who are all Sea Vista residents and to build an extra classroom. The school’s fundraisers for teachers’ salaries and running costs are supported by the Club wherever possible.
  •   Sea Vista Primary School – The club contributes to the educational fund in collaboration with the St Francis United Church. This fund is utilized to pay supplementary teachers to ease the stretched teacher/student ratio. The Club also donates ad hoc funding for sporting activities, prizes and transport.
  •   Woodridge College Interact Club – youth development is a key Rotary International focus area. Interact clubs are high school level junior Rotary clubs. Woodridge College has an active membership and the club is supported by Rotary Club of St Francis.
  •   Rotary Exchange Program – To date our Club has sent two St Francis teenagers on the 12 month youth exchange program. One to the USA and one to Italy. In addition we sent one young lady from Sea Vista to Argentina on a 6 week cultural exchange. The Club has so far hosted one exchange student from the USA on the 12 month program and one from Argentina on the 6 week cultural exchange.
  •   Sea Vista Library – This club was instrumental in facilitating the construction of the Sea Vista library through the Kouga Wind Farm as well as the provision of books in English, Afrikaans and isiXhosa, computer equipment and Wi-Fi.


  •   Sibanye Ladies Group – The Club supports all the fundraising activities and projects undertaken by the Sibanye Ladies in Sea Vista. These include skills development (reading in English, sewing, beadwork, yoga and swimming/lifesaving classes). In addition, the club contributes funds for the Ladies’ project to supply teenage boys and girls of Sea Vista with basic hygiene products such as soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant and sani-pads.
  •   St Francis Galaxy Football Club and other sports – wherever possible the club facilitates donation of used sports equipment and clothing for under privileged children’s sports development.
  •   Sea Vista Clinic – The Club assists with providing much needed medical equipment, and mobility aids. Furnishings, filing cupboards and shelving for the pharmacy have also been funded. The Club is in the process of planning the expansion of the clinic to provide for improved facilities for patients with TB and other additional services.
  •   Hospice – the Club runs regular fundraising events to raise running costs for Hospice in the Kouga region. Equipment and consumables such as adult nappies have also been funded.
  •   Ons Tuiste Retirement Home – Many of the residents of this old age home in Humansdorp rely on SASSA pensions alone. The Club is looking at ways in which to assist with the running of this important facility for the elderly.
  •   Wheelchair and mobility aids program – The Club facilitates donations of new wheelchairs and mobility aids through the Cheshire Homes and Dischem Foundation.
  •   Food security – The club manages funding donated for the food relief program initiated at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown crisis. During this time food packages were packed and distributed by the Club in collaboration with the St Francis United Church and the Disaster Volunteer Group. Ongoing funding is allocated to the four recognized soup kitchens in Sea Vista and food parcels distribution at other times of crisis such as shack fire disasters.
  •   Kromme Enviro Trust – wherever possible the Club supports this organisation’s efforts to protect our environment and to raise funding. Coastal clean-ups are a regular feature on the Rotary calendar.
  •   F.O.S.T.E.R (Friends of St Francis Nature Areas) – the Club has committed to assist with funding FOSTER projects to protect and preserve our important natural areas and nature reserves.
  •   St Francis Tourism – the Club works in collaboration with this organization to promote greater St Francis as a tourism destination. Tourism provides much needed employment for a great many people in the region.

    All the institutions have attempted to obtain funding from various sources, with little or no success. Some institutions receive limited, but insufficient financial support from Government. All the other institutions are reliant on support from donors or the private sector.

  • The Rotary Club of St. Francis has supported these institutions over the years and is well placed to provide a conduit for the management of funds raised and the identified

If you require any further information please contact our Club Secretary ( or visit our website

Hospice Receives Amazing Race Funds And Donation From Rotary

Hospice Receives Amazing Race Funds And Donation From Rotary

An Amazing R30 000.00!

The Rotary Club of St Francis and St Francis Tourism, joint organisers of the annual Amazing Race event held in December, had great pleasure in formally presenting St Francis Hospice with the proceeds of the 2023 event, an amazing R30 000.00! Accepting this on behalf of Hospice were delighted Hospice Sisters Ingrid Williams and Nadine Puzicha.

Another R15,000!

On the same occasion at the Quays Restaurant, Rotary Club President Lindsay Pearson and Rotary project leader for Hospice Errol Burman handed over a further donation of R15 000.00 from the Club for much-needed disposable medical supplies for Hospice patients.

Hospice Receives Amazing Race Funds

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Rotary Club of St Francis Animal Welfare donations

Christmas came a little early at the Animal Welfare Expo on 20 December when the Rotary Club of St Francis presented donations totalling R80 000.00 to the four Animal Welfare organisations participating in the event.  St Francis Animal Rescue, Jbay Animal Rescue, Spay It Forward and the Assissi SPCA in Humansdorp each received R20 000.00 towards their veterinary expenses which we hope will bring some Christmas cheer for our four legged friends and all those who do such wonderful work for them.