NSRI Save Man from Surf in JBay

National Sea Rescue

NSRI Save Man from Surf in JBay

NSRI Jeffreys Bay lifeguards, having completed a routine training exercise at Pellsrus Beach on Monday(17th Sept) evening noticed a commotion on the beach front and went to investigate.

A crowd had gathered and were raising concerns and attempting to encourage a man to safety who while sitting on rocks close to the water’s edge, the man had entered the surf and appeared to be out of his depth and in difficulties.

NSRI lifeguard Luzuko Mkubeni and Ettiene van Gent, NSRI Jeffreys Bay station 37 Lifesaving Unit Captain went into the surf while the NSRI trainee lifeguard Craig Sampson ran to the NSRI sea rescue station to fetch fins and a rescue torpedo buoy and to raise the alarm.

Ettiene and Luzuko were able to reach the man in the surfline and bring him safely to the shore where the SA Police Services patrol officers had arrived on the scene.

The local adult male, aged in his mid-20’s, was taken into the care of the Police officers and he has been reunited with his family who also arrived on the scene and no further assistance was required.

“It was by coincidence that we  were there in that moment having earlier changed plans from training at the Marina to rather training at the beach and we commend the members of the public who raised the alarm on the beach alerting us to this incident’ said Ettiene after the rescue..

This photograph was taken during training over the weekend

St Francis NSRI assist Seal Pup

NSRI STATION 21 - St Francis BayNSRI St Francis Bay duty crew were activated yesterday (Thursday 6 Sept) to investigate reports from members of the public of a seal pup appearing to be injured at Shark Point, Cape St Francis.

Members of our NSRI St Francis Bay sea rescue crew responded and found the seal pup in amongst the rocks alone and appearing to be emaciated and dehydrated.

We believe the seal pup to be an Antarctic Fur Seal and we took the seal into our care.

The St Francis Kromme Enviro Trust arrived and assisted to transport the seal to a local Veterinary Surgeon for medical care and following care by the vet the St Francis Kromme Enviro Trust have transported the seal to Bayworld Oceanarium for further care and the seal pup is expected to fully recover.

NSRI St Francis Bay assist Sinking Chokka Boat

NSRI STATION 21 - St Francis BayNSRI St Francis Bay duty crew were activated on Monday afternoon (3rd September) following reports of the Chokka fishing boat Jolly Fisher, with 14 crew onboard, taking water off-shore of Shark Point, Cape St Francis.

The sea rescue craft Spirit of St Francis II was launched to join the casualty boat’s sister vessel Jolene that was already on the scene and assisting.

5 crew of the casualty boat had been taken safely ashore by a tender boat, we believe some crew had been transferred onto Jolene, a skeleton crew remained on the casualty boat that was listing from water intake from a suspected blown seal and suffering motor failure from engine room flooding.

NSRI transferred a water pump onto the casualty boat and water was pumped out of the vessel and the ingress of water was stemmed.

Jolly Fisher set up a towline and, escorted by our sea rescue craft, Jolly Fisher towed the casualty boat into the Port of St Francis without incident and repairs will be undertaken.

No one was injured and once safely in Port no further assistance was required.

NSRI Knysna respond to missing Fisherman

National Sea RescueNSRI Knysna respond to Fisherman reported washed off rocks

It was reported that while fishing with a friend a man, believed to be aged 38, from Knysna, slipped on rocks and fell into the sea. Seeking help, the man’s friend found a bystander at Noetzie Beach who raised the alarm with Knysna NSRI..

NSRI Knysna duty crew were activated following reports and the sea rescue craft Jaytee IV and Jolen were launched and NSRI rescue swimmers responded directly to the scene in our sea rescue vehicle and in their private vehicles. The SA Police Services, WC Government Health EMS, ER24 ambulance services and a Police Dive Unit also responded.

On arrival on the scene NSRI rescue swimmers were deployed into the surfline in rough 2 to 3 meter swells to conduct a search while NSRI crew, Police and emergency services searched along the shoreline.

Despite an extensive search no sign of the man has been found.

A Police Dive Unit and local Police will continue in an ongoing search operation.

NSRI commend members of the local community who provided support to the missing mans friend on the scene and thoughts and support are with family of the missing man in this difficult time.


NSRI & SANCCOB Save Entangled Seal

National Sea RescueNSRI and SANCCOB join forces to rescue entangled  seal

St Francis Bay duty crew were activated yesterday (Monday 13 August) afternoon following reports from SANNCOB (SA Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds) who were on the scene at Shark Point after members of the public called in for a seal entangled in fishing gut, sitting on rocks.

Efforts to assist the same seal, believed to be a Cape Fur Seal were unsuccessful on Sunday
after the seal was spotted at the Port sitting on rock. An NSRI St Francis Bay crew went to help SANNCOB members and Bayworld research members on the scene but attempts to capture the seal to free it from entanglement in fishing gut were unsuccessful after the seal was too quick and slippery and managed to escape efforts at attempts to capture the seal.

The seal did not surface after diving under water and the worst was feared but we asked members of the public who live in the area and NSRI crew who live in the area to keep a look-out for the seal.

Yesterday the NSRI duty crew again responded to join SANCCOB members on the scene at Shark Rock. SANNCOB volunteers using a specialised net that Bayworld had loaned them for the operation, were able to capture the seal and cut thick fishing gut that entangled the seal. Once free of the fishing gut the seal was released and is expected to survive the ordeal.

The concerned members of the public who called to report the incident are commended for their efforts but again the call goes out for fisherman to do all they can to recover fishing line..

NSRI aid Dolhin and Kite Surfer

NSRI STATION 21 - St Francis Bay

NSRI Station 6 Port Elizabeth were alerted to a dolphin stranded on Cape Recife beach on Saturday morning and Sea Rescue Volunteers, Bay World staff and members of the Nelson Mandela Bay Marine Animal Stranding Network responded straight to the scene where they found a Common Dolphin well up on the beach.

Port Elizabeth NSRI Station Commander Ian Gray said,” We helped Dr Greg Hoffman and the Stranding Network volunteers to load the adult female Common Dolphin into their special stretcher and then into the Bay World vehicle to be transported to our Sea Rescue station.
“The Sea Rescue vessel JLT Rescuer was prepared and after transferring the dolphin to the Sea Rescue boat we transported her approximately 4 nautical miles out to sea where she was released at 10h05.

” We are cautiously optimistic that she will survive the ordeal,”said Ian.


In an incident off Cape St Francis on Friday afternoon NSRI Station 21 St Francis Bay were alerted to a Kite Surfer in difficulty. The sea rescue craft Spirit of St Francis II was launched and on arrival on the scene the kite-boarder, a local man aged in his early 50’s was found safe ashore after he abandoned his kite-board in big surf and swam to shore and he was safe and unharmed.

NSRI collected his board and kite using the sea rescue craft and brought it to shore and the experienced kite boarder required no further assistance.

Dolphin stranded on Cape Recife beach