NSRI report a fatal drowning at Kenton-On-Sea

NSRI Port Alfred Lotto Challenger

NSRI Port Alfred duty crew were activated on Sunday afternoon following reports of a drowning in progress at Kenton-On-Sea main beach.

NSRI rescue swimmers, the SA Police Services, EC Government Health EMS, Gardmed ambulance services and Hi-Tech Security responded.

On arrival on the scene bystander CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) efforts were being conducted on a 19 year old local female on the beach.

Paramedics continued with advanced life support resuscitation efforts but sadly after all efforts were exhausted the female was declared deceased.

It appears from reports gathered at the scene that while swimming in the surf the female was swept out to sea caught in rip currents. The currents brought the casualty back towards the beach where a Good Samaritan waded into the surf and rescued the female to the beach where bystanders initiated CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) efforts.

Condolences are conveyed to the family and friends of the female.

The body of the female has been taken into the care of the Forensic Pathology Services.

Police have opened an inquest docket. 

The Good Samaritan and the bystanders who assisted on the scene are commended in their efforts to try to save the teenagers life.

And on Saturday afternoon,

NSRI Jeffreys Bay duty crew were activated following reports of a female injured while dune riding at Aston Bay.

The sea rescue vehicle with NSRI medics responded to the scene and Private Care ambulance services were activated.

On arrival on the scene the patient, a German tourist, age 22, was found to be suffering a blunt trauma head injury sustained when she fell off a body board while riding down a sand dune and bumping her head.

Paramedics evaluated the patient medically and found her to be fit and not requiring hospital treatment.

Advice was given to her to seek medical attention if she felt dizzy or developed headaches and no further assistance was required after we gave them details to call if required.

Press Release NSRI

Two kids saved from drowning in Jeffries Bay

NSRI Jeffreys Bay duty crew were activated following reports that a young boy and girl were in difficulties having been swept out to sea by a rip current at Point beach on Monday 1st April.

An NSRI Jeffreys Bay crew member who is also an NSRI Jeffreys Bay lifeguard, surfing in the area at the time, had responded to assist the  children and together with members of the public they were able to get the children to rocks and then recovered both of them to the beach and the alarm was raised.

The NSRI rescue vehicle, Gardmed ambulance services and EC Government Health EMS responded.

On arrival on the scene the children, girl aged 8 and boy aged approximately 10, both local children, were treated for non-fatal drowning symptoms and transported to hospital in stable conditions by ambulance for further treatment and they are expected to fully recover.

3-Legged Loggerhead turtle washed up in Jeffreys Bay

NSRI Jeffreys Bay were alerted following a call from Ettiene Venter of JBay Surf School reporting to have found a small sea turtle on Jeffreys Bay main beach that appeared to be injured,

NSRI crew member Elaine Schmidt, who also has the local responsibility for the assisting of injured and distressed sea animals in our area, collected the turtle from Ettiene. The turtle appeared to have an injured left hind leg.

Ettiene named the turtle Sunny.

Arrangements were made with Bay World in Port Elizabeth and one of our NSRI crew members going through to Port Elizabeth on Tuesday morning delivered the turtle to Bay World after we had cared for the turtle in our safekeeping in Jeffreys Bay overnight.

Bay World staff will take further care and the rehabilitation of the turtle and we are confident that the turtle will recover. 

Bay World have confirmed on Tuesday morning that most of the turtles left hind leg is missing and it is a Loggerhead sea turtle hatchling, about 2 to 3 weeks old, normally found in Northern Kwa-Zulu Natal and it is suspected that the small turtle may have been swept down the coast in strong currents and storms and from missing most of one leg that may have contributed to the cause.

NSRI commended Ettiene  for his actions.

Man suffers fatal heart attack whilst swimming in Jeffreys Bay

NSRI STATION 21 - St Francis BayNSRI Jeffreys Bay duty crew were activated on Saturday evening following reports of a man rescued from the surf at a beach at Jeffreys Bay Point, and suspected to be suffering a heart attack.

The NSRI rescue vehicle responded and the SA Police Services, Gardmed ambulance services and Private Care ambulance services responded.

It appeared that the man was swimming when he collapsed suspected to have suffered a heart attack. A bystander assisted him from the surf and raised the alarm.

On arrival on the scene a a 55 year old male was found to have been rescued from shallow surf by a bystander and CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) efforts were commenced.

Despite extensive CPR efforts conducted by NSRI medics and by paramedics after all efforts were exhausted sadly the man has been declared deceased.

The man and his wife are foreigners on a holiday to Jeffreys Bay with friends from Johannesburg.

The wife and the friends are being supported by Police and Condolences are conveyed to his wife, family and friends.

The body of the man has been taken into the care of the Forensic Pathology Services.

The lady who rescued the man from the surf has been commended for her involvement.

And at Wilderness

Earlier in the day NSRI Wilderness duty crew were activated following reports from the owner of the Wilderness Guest Lodge and additional eyewitnesses of a swimmer appearing to be in difficulty off-shore of Lientjiesklip.

NSRI Wilderness, WC Government Health EMS, George Fire and Rescue Services and Er24 ambulance services responded.

NSRI rescue swimmers responded and on arrival on the scene the rescue swimmer assisted a man from the surf safely to the beach. The man had managed to find a submerged sand bank approximately 70 meters off-shore after he was swept out to sea by rip currents which he used to stand on until help arrived..

A bystander had launched a canoe but he had lost sight of the man in the surfline and he is commended for his effort.

The swimmer, a 78 year old man from Germany, was medically checked by paramedics and not injured he required no further assistance.

Man missing at Sundays River Mouth

NSRI Station 6 Port Elizabeth were activated following reports the three men were in difficulty in currents at Sundays River Mouth late yesterday (Sunday 17 February). Apparently a group of around 20 men had been swimming across the river mouth when three of the swimmers got into difficulties.

Blue Water Bay Surf Lifesaving Club were in the vicinity with a rescue rubber duck and responded immediately whilst NSRI launched Spirit of Surf-Ski 4 on the river after towing it to the scene.  Coastal Water Rescue, the SA Police Services, a Police Dive Unit, NMB Beach Managers Office and EC Government Health EMS were  also activated and arrived at the river mouth to assist.

On arrival two of the men had been assisted to safety but a local 35-year old man was missing, An extensive search but no sign of the man was found. The search was suspended in failing light and police divers will continue the search this morning.

NSRI busy in PE & Wilderness

Tragic end to a corporate weekend in Wilderness

NSRI Station 23 Wilderness duty crew were activated following reports from members of the public at a Touws River campsite, Wilderness, of bystander CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) efforts being conducted on a man up the river from the camp site.

An NSRI rescue vehicle, SA National Parks (SANPark) rangers and WC Government Health EMS responded.

On arrival on the scene a SANPark boat carried NSRI medics and a George doctor, who was staying at the camp site, to the scene further up the river and the SANPark boat returned to collect an EMS paramedic.

NSRI medics, the doctor and the EMS paramedic continued with extensive CPR efforts but sadly after all efforts were exhausted the man was declared deceased.

It appears that the 44 year old male, from Durban, on a corporate weekend with colleagues, reportedly fell out of a kayak while paddling on the river when a colleague rescued him to the shore and initiated CPR while raising the alarm.

The body the man was transported downstream and taken into the care of the SA Police Services and the Forensic Pathology Services and an inquest docket has been opened and to determine the cause of death.

Condolences are conveyed to family, friends and colleagues of the man.

Earlier this week,

On Tuesday, 5th February, NSRI Station 23 Wilderness responded to Main Beach, Wilderness, following reports of a drowning in progress.

NSRI rescue swimmers and WC Government Health EMS responded.

On arrival on the scene a 20 year old local female, believed to have been rescued from the water by a bystander, was out the water and being attended to by Eden 911 paramedics and she was transported to hospital by Eden 911 ambulance in a stable condition where she was released from hospital later following observations for non-fatal drowning symptoms.

And on Saturday

NSRI Station 6 Port Elizabeth launched the sea rescue craft Spirit of Toft to patient evacuate a male crewman off a 299m bulk carrier suffering an abscess on the hip.

They rendezvoused with the ship 5 nautical miles from the Port of Port Elizabeth.

Two NSRI rescue swimmers boarded the ship and the patient was transferred onto the sea rescue craft that returned to where the crewman was taken to hospital.

Just after 01h00 while recovering our sea rescue craft one of our crew noted a 10 meter fishing boat appearing to have run aground in the harbour.

On further investigation it was found to be 3 fishing boats run aground. All of the boats were not manned.

The sea rescue craft Spirit of Toft and JLK Rescuer launched and the owners of the fishing boats were contacted.

NSRI rescue swimmers checked for damage before the boats were towed back to their moorings at their Quay about 300 meters away.

Another 5 fishing boats were found to be partially loose from their moorings from unknown causes.

Due to a combination of light winds and the quick NSRI response no serious damage to the fishing boats was caused after they gently drifted away from their moorings and only lightly grounded on the beach South of the Port Elizabeth Angling Club and avoiding colliding with any other craft and no pollution spills were caused.

The owners are investigating the circumstances.