Little Bird In The Water

Little Bird In The Water

Little Bird © Andrea Paarman

On Wednesday, Nexus Yachts/Balance Catamarans put a beautiful Balance 526 model called Little Bird into the water.

Another success for the hard-working team at Nexus Yachts under the leadership of Johnny and Roger Paarman. The photos say it all.

All photos © Andrea Paarman



FOSTER Launches new Website and Unveils new Logo

FOSTER Launches new Website and Unveils new Logo

As the usage of the FOSTER Reserves in the greater St Francis area continues to grow and with membership numbers doubling over the last year, the committee decided it was time to rebrand and develop a new website from scratch.

Trudi Malan volunteered to take on this challenging task. Working together with DNA Online and input from the committee, a new and much more user-friendly website was developed and launched last month.

The first task was to develop a new and relevant logo for FOSTER. This now incorporates the endemic red species plant – Satyrium princeps – in the green O, representing our reserves’ green areas.

The new website contains a wealth of information. This includes the details of the many trails to be found in the reserves. In addition, it has easy to download maps and tabs to help you identify a plant or animal species and general information about the reserves and FOSTER. Becoming a member is now also made very easy and includes a scanning option for payment. The website address remains unchanged, namely or simply Google – foster cape st francis.

The completely revamped trail maps, which were done with the help of Wentzel Coetzer of Conservation Outcomes, make the routes easy to follow. They also indicate the time the average person will take to walk them, the difficulty level and the length of the trail. Most people will be surprised as to how many trails there are in the 4 reserves. Visit the website to find out more and plan your next walk, hike or run. The website also features many photos taken by our members and some from the installed camera traps. Our thanks to Wentzel Coetzer from Conservation Outcomes, whose expertise made this task possible

As most of FOSTER’s work is around preserving the unique and beautiful flora of the area, all the plant species are listed. This gives the reader additional information about the plant, such as genus, vulnerability status and location. Very topical at the moment, as the flowers in our reserves are blooming, making the reserves well worth a visit.

An aerial map showing the location of the Seal Point, Irma Booysen, Seal Bay and Cape St Francis Nature Reserves is also helpful to locate and plan your walks depending on the weather and wind conditions.

The above gives you a taste of what information is available on the new website. Still, to really appreciate Trudi and the team’s work to revolutionise the website, please visit it at . We would also love to get your views and feedback. For the website to remain relevant, we will continue to update and improve it. Have fun!

On Social Media This Week

Susan Rae Fox posted for St Francis Animal Rescue – HELP, please!
SFAR needs extra volunteers to help with crowd control at our Thursday afternoon outreaches. The busiest time is between 2.30 and 3.30 and we need adult men to assist in persuading dog and cat owners to queue for our services, and leave the field once their animals have been treated. We also need help with adult monitors to calm traffic speeding on Taragoona Road.
Please let us know if you are able to join us for an hour on Thursday afternoons.

Two more beloved pets knocked over on Taragonna Road today!
This little girl – Cocoa – was badly hurt by a speeding motorist whilst walking across the pedestrian crossing. Cocoa’s brother, Scrappy was also hurt and treated with 16 stitches by Dr Nerine Botha. We took Cocoa to Dr Annelise Barker but her injuries were too severe and she had to be put to sleep. Her owners are devastated. Why is it too much to ask people to drive slowly on Taragonna Road when there are dogs and children crossing the road in plain sight? This little girl didn’t deserve to die today!

The photos of the injured dogs were just too awful to publish. Something needs to be done to slow the traffic on Tarragona if not for the dogs then for the kids for iit is inevitable that a kid is going to be knocked over. Then what ? Will council finally do something because they are being sued by the child’s parents?


Posted by Nevil Hulett – What a wonderful opportunity to again own the “Homestead Manor” where my father Leighton Hulett settled when he started St Francis and where my sisters and I grew up. Thank you Mark ChristyDenise Christy and Tim Ashby. The wheel of life has indeed done a full circle and I am blessed to let my kids Crystal Hulett and Chad Hulett experience this wonderful location. No more looking at Windfinder to check the waves … just look out the window and see the swell lines marching across the bay!


Today on Social Media

Each day we will publish interesting posts from various Social Media platforms that we find are either relevant or interesting. Should you find anything you find interesting or newsworthy be sure to let us know by adding it to the comments below.

St Francis Links

Another update from our Superintendant Charl Blaauw this morning! He is in Scotland, working with the greenkeeping teams as they prepare a perfect course for the Solheim Cup … and managed to sneak away to St Andrews!

Following in footsteps

Posten by Lorrin Jarvis – Son Rylan selected for Nelson Mandela (EP) surfing

So proud to have a Western Province, Natal and now Nelson Mandela (EP) surfing blazers hanging in our cupboard. And Rylan and I share a surfing coach! Absolute legend in our presence in Hynsie! Good Luck my boy, smash it you little goofy footer 🏄‍♂️ @nmb_surf_riders #surfing #surfinglegend #proudparents @kzncentralsurfing @western_province_surfing

Hear me: An open letter to South Africa from a survivor!

“Fear me, because I’m standing up for my country and her people. Fear me because I rage against the darkness. Fear me because I’m one of many voices, one of many sparks that will set the pulse of Africa alight.”

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Superspar Village Square in Top Twenty

Out of almost 1000 stores we have been privileged to be presented with this award – the 2019 Service Excellence Top 20 Stores Award – for the 4th consecutive year. This would never happen without all of our amazing staff. So a big thank you to the staff, as well as to all of our loyal customers.

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Be Aware – it is snake time


A rather thought provoking video relevant considering recent activism against gender violence

This powerful poem by singer-songwriter Halsey about sexual abuse reduced many in the crowd to tears at the New York City Women’s March.

Warning: her poem contains themes that some viewers may find distressing.



Cathryn Hempel commenting on Talhado Children’s Haven

We need some strong men in our community able to give an hour a week (or even a month) to come in and mentor some of the children, particularly boys, in our community. Nigel Harvey thank you for starting the ball rolling. Let’s see if other strong men will follow.
Talhado Children’s Haven can provide the venue in the afternoons. We run an aftercare programme for primary and high school children.
#Aminext #sawomenfightback





At St Francis Links

St Francis Links’ sup, Charl Blaauw is representing the Links at the Solheim Cup at Gleneagles, assisting with, sharing and learning new greenkeeping methods and tips! What an experience! He shares the following video with us today!


Interesting info from local drone pilot, Riaan Pheiffer, of Drone Inspired

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The Jeffrey’s Bay, Humansdorp, and St Francis Bay area is completely off-limits to amateur drone operators (see picture). This means only registered drone pilots are allowed to operate here.
“RPAS-operators who fail to adhere to civil aviation regulations could receive a 10-year prison sentence or a fine of R50 000, or both.” – SACAA
For more information on regulations, click here:
Or visit Drone Inspired here:
#StaySafe #StayLegal #Drones

Facebook snippets

Well done Capt du Toit


Some of what Facebookers were posting this weekend

A great idea for that Christmas Gift for that person who has everything. Also a great Corporate Gift as part of that year end lunch /  braai / party.

Winners of the Pam Golding Ladies Open played over St Francis Bay Golf Club and St Francis Links this past weekend.

Making a start at making St Francis a PLASTIC FREE environment. Congratulations Cape St Francis Resort. Every journey starts with a first small step so if we all make every effort to add to this first step we will continue on the journey and help rid the ocean (and land) of plastic.


Heineken Beer Ad Is Going Viral And It’ll Leave You Questioning Everything!

Cheers to you Heineken! Everyone should raise a glass to the famous beer company for coming up with a political and controversial ad that’s also a genuinely genius test of one’s humanity, character and ability to change.