Fighting Potholes Repairing and Resealing Kouga Road Network

Kouga Municipality has made considerable progress in the resealing and repair of roads across the Kouga region – the first step in tackling road infrastructure issues.

Roads that already received a new lease on life are the access roads to Loerie, Dolphin Street in Pellsrus and the access road to Ocean View that passes Jeffreys Bay Comprehensive High. Humansdorp, Hankey and Patensie are among the other communities set to benefit over the next three months.

Kouga Infrastructure and Engineering Portfolio Councillor, Willem Gertenbach, said that more than R8 million had been budgeted for the resealing of roads in the current financial year, ending on 30 June 2021.

Gertenbach said the municipality’s Infrastructure and Engineering directorate hoped to secure additional funding for the resealing programme in the adjustment budget in February, which would allow them to tackle more roads in the current year.

“The backlog in road maintenance across the region is massive and totals more than R500 million. It is, therefore, impossible to address the backlog all in one go, but we are making progress,” he said.

“Almost 12km of road was resealed in the previous financial year and 2km of gravel road was also tarred.”

He said pothole repairs were ongoing across the region.

“A total of 9 720 potholes were fixed from July to December last year. I would like to thank our road teams for their hard work and perseverance. Bit by bit, we will slay the road giant.”

Kouga road network repairs

Local Dam Levels critically low

Dam levels continue to drop and the combined total has now dropped to below 20% of capacity with our largest dam.  Kouga at a perilously low 9.45% and second largest, Impofu  at just 17.9%. These two dams are the largest in the Eastern Cape and  supply Port Elizabeth and of course St Francis and surrounds

So we need not remind you how important, no imperative it is to save water.

The DA led Kouga Municipality instituted a borehole project funded by some of the R151 million emergency funding from National Treasury resulting in a significant incrase capacity for the region that includes St Francis, Humansdorp and Jeffreys Bay. Certainly this has offet what could have been calamitous over the holiday season with increased water usage in these areas.

With less demand due to fewer visitors there is still a need to save water and the 50 litre restriction is still in place. Residents, and remaining visitors are requested to make every effort to save water.

And let us not forget our hugely important  citrus industry that relies so heavily on the water from our dams.

Dam Levels - 4 Jan Kouga Region


Covid-19 infections are on the increase in St Francis!

Residents and visitors are reminded that everyone MUST wear face masks when in public. This is required by law and is a safety precaution undertaken world-wide to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Disaster management volunteers have been deployed in the St Francis area to help ensure that everyone plays their part. Please heed their warnings. Mask up, sanitise, social distance and be part of the solution to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

The St Francis Disaster Volunteer Group (SFDVG) adds to this message with our own urgent request for everyone to take this seriously. Through donations, we managed to supply our local Sea Vista volunteers with disposable masks today, especially necessary during this second wave. They will distribute this over the next few days. Please help each other by co-operating and respecting the Mayor’s call above.

St Francis Disaster Volunteer Group Logo

More than 1 000 active Covid-19 cases in Sarah Baartman District

Health Minister, Zweli Mkhize, visited Jeffreys Bay and Humansdorp yesterday to determine whether stricter COVID-19 restrictions should be imposed to curb the spread of the coronavirus in the Sarah Baartman District.

The district, which includes Kouga and Koukamma, is one of the areas that have been identified as a potential national hotspot and could face harsher restrictions similar to those announced for Nelson Mandela Bay last week.

According to the latest report from the Department of Health, the number of active COVID-19 cases in the district stood at 1 120 on 7 December.

This included 295 active cases in Kouga, 222 in Blue Crane Route, 204 in Dr Beyers Naude, 183 in Makana, 94 in Koukamma, 90 in Ndlambe and 52 in Sundays River Valley.

Mkhize’s visit included inspections at the Humansdorp hospital, as well as a meeting with stakeholders at Jeffreys Bay.

The number of active COVID-19 cases per town in the Kouga region were as follows on 7 December: Humansdorp 121, Jeffreys Bay 85, Patensie 25, Thornhill 13, St Francis 12, Hankey 11, Loerie 5 and Oyster Bay 0.

The cumulative total for the region stood at 3650, including 3310 recoveries and 65 deaths.


Latest Kouga Covid Statistics as at 03/12


The number of active Covid-19 cases in the Kouga region decreased last week from 350 on 30 November to 270 on 3 December.
Residents and visitors are urged to help keep the number of infections down by complying with the basic safety precautions: avoid crowded areas, wear a face mask when in public, maintain social distancing, wash your hands regularly and don’t touch your face with unwashed hands.
Coid in Kouga 03 December