Disgusting Mr Mayor – Disgusting

A cesspool of filth and potential disease has to be taken seriously

The occasion of Mandela Day saw SFT go on a walkabout through the dusty streets of Sea Vista (and China Town) this past Wednesday. Following four volunteer ladies from St Francis Animal Rescue as they walked deep through the dusty back streets and narrow lanes of the township to feed the many dogs, and a few cats, as their contribution to Mandela’s legacy we again witnessed the filth and decay that has been allowed to fester.  We say again because we have witnessed it on previous visits but rather chose to ignore it for out of sight is out of mind.

But it cannot continue to be ignored.

Generally the streets closer to Tarragona are not too bad apart a significant amount of plastic waste. No doubt if Rotary are able to continue with its recycling initiative without the criminal element continuously destroying and robbing the wood cabin so generously donated by an international Rotary club there would be less plastic waste as kids were encouraged to bring it to the recycling for reward. Sadly now a thing of the past as is the Sea Scout initiative run so passionately by Ollie Holmes until last week when this criminal scum again raided God’s Acre and destroyed the one remaining building where Ollie had moved to after all the other buildings had been vandalised. Maybe it is time to change the name from God’s Acre to Hell’s Acre.

But it is not just the crime of the township that we would refer the Mayor to but rather the other filth, the festering, disease and no doubt rodent infested garbage dump in the centre of the township. There was a clean-up initiative a few weeks ago by a caring group of local township and St Francis residents but with great respect of their efforts it truly were like ‘farting against thunder’.

That the ANC councillor who represents Sea Vista on council has allowed this cesspool to grow shows he doesn’t give a damn for this community who voted him in or he has never bothered to visit Sea Vista. He should be made to pay for the clean-up out of his fat salary he is receiving for he certainly isn’t earning his wage.

The filth is not something that can be solved by a few ladies with black bags picking up the mess. This requires a lot more. Front end loaders, bulldozers and lots of fill to raise the ground level above the water table.

Something has to be done and done now before it presents a serious health risk, not only to the township dwellers but to the adjoining Santareme and farther afield.

Please Mr Mayor this is a disaster waiting to happen. Do Something!


Hundreds receive houses on Mandela Day

Hundreds receive ownership of their houses on Mandela Day

91-year-old Thomas Daniel (front centre) receives his title deed from Kouga Mayor Horatio Hendricks, portfolio councillor Bryan Dhludhlu, ward councillor Wilma Coenraad and Dr Malcolm Figg, a member of parliament.

More than 600 residents received the title deeds to their RDP houses at a special Nelson Mandela Day event at Humansdorp today (Wednesday, 18 July).

The event was one of three activities hosted by Kouga Municipality in celebration of late President Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday.

Kouga Executive Mayor Horatio Hendricks said 631 title deeds were handed out to residents from the Humansdorp suburbs of Youth Camp, Vaaldam, Gill Marcus and old Arcadia at the Kruisfontein Community Hall.

“These beneficiaries have been waiting for more than a decade for the title deeds to their houses. Some have even been waiting for more than 20 years.

“Several of the recipients are over 70 years old and have never had proof that they own their homes. We changed that today by giving them what is rightfully theirs.”

One of the oldest recipients, 78-year-old Willie Hendricks, said it was a proud day for him.

78-year-old Willie Hendricks receives the title deed for his house from Kouga Mayor Horatio Hendricks and Member of Parliament, Dr Malcolm Figg

“I now have the peace of mind that my house will go to my daughter when I pass on.

“She has sacrificed so much for me by looking after me all these years. It gives me great comfort knowing she will have a house to call her own one day,” said Hendricks, who lost his one leg to gangrene and might have to have the other one amputated as well.

“It’s also just wonderful having so many people here, visiting me, on this special day.”

Mayor Hendricks said giving people title deeds to their houses was an effective means of empowering communities economically and restoring human dignity.

“The plight of dispossessed people is best addressed through expanding ownership of land and property. The right to own land speaks to the restoration of human dignity, which lay very close to Tata Madiba’s heart.”

He said the Mandela Day programme followed on the work started by his predecessor, the late Elza van Lingen, at Thornhill on Human Rights Day when she distributed more than 200 title deeds to residents.

“Since her passing, we have come across a further 1 688 title deeds that have been lying around in store rooms and offices at the municipality for years.

“Today marks the handing over of the first batch of these. The remaining 1057 will be handed out at Sea Vista, KwaNomzamo, Patensie, Hankey, Jeffreys Bay and Thornhill from August to October.

“We also expect to find more title deeds and will ensure that each one of them reach the rightful recipient.”

In addition to the title deed programme, Kouga Municipality also fixed up the house of KwaNomzamo’s oldest resident, Rosy Napu (108) on Nelson Mandela Day.

The municipality further partnered with the Fountains Mall to collect used or spare baby clothing, to be distributed to organisations that work with orphaned and vulnerable babies.

Sophie Goeda (front right), her daughter Madeleine and grand daughter Ashmarie receive the title deed to their house from MP Dr Malcolm Figg, ward councillor Freddy Campher and Mayor Horatio Hendricks

Press Release – Media Liaison, Kouga Municipality

Kouga Municipality for Mandela Day

Kouga Municipality - logoKouga Municipality will be hosting three events tomorrow in celebration of Nelson Mandela Day.


The programme is as follows:


1. Hand-over of title deeds


631 RDP housing beneficiaries will receive the title deeds to their houses.




Kruisfontein Community Hall, Humansdorp

Please Note:

Before the programme at the hall, the Mayor will be visiting three of the eldest beneficiaries at their homes to give them their title deeds.



2. Repairs to the house of KwaNomzamo’s oldest resident



The municipality and volunteers will be repairing the house of a 108-year-old woman’s house at KwaNomzamo, Humansdorp




319 Joe Slovo Street, Humansdorp



3. Collection of baby clothes



The municipality and Fountains Mall have partnered to collect pre-used or spare baby clothing for orphaned and vulnerable babies


10am – 3pm


Fountains Mall food court, behind the wave


For further information please contact Laura-Leigh at kougamedia@gmail.com or 084 2055 388.


Power outage to Ocean View, Aston, Paradise, Tokyo and Pellsrus

The electricity supply to sections of Jeffreys Bay will be interrupted periodally from 8am to 3pm on Monday, 16 July.

The affected areas are Aston Bay, Paradise Beach, Ocean View, Tokyo Sexwale and Pellsrus.

The interruption is necessary to work on separating the electricity supply to these areas and the Marina Martinique. The work will help to ensure fewer outages to the affected areas.

The power to Aston Bay, Paradise Beach, Ocean View, Tokyo and Pellsrus will be switched off from time to time between 8am and 3pm while the power supply to the Marina will be affected from 8am to 8pm.

Households are advised to treat all electrical outlet points as live during this time.

Press Release – Kouga Municipality

Tighter Water Restrictions

Tighter water restrictions as supply dams drop below 20 percent

Nelson Mandela Bay Executive mayor, Athol Trollip, has announced tighter water restrictions as the combined capacity of the Metro’s main supply dams drops below 20 percent. Addressing the media, Trollip introdused a range of new restrictions as well as aking residents to report neighbours who ignore water restrictions by irrigating their lawns, washing cars or filling swimming pools, ponds and fountains.

Commercial and industrial users will also be subject to Part C of the tariff schedule, while stressing that water and sanitation by-laws will be enforced.

“If we don’t implement these measures now, which are harsh, then the next stage is restrictions where the dam levels reach 15% (of combined capacity).  Those restrictions are even more severe,” the mayor said.

The following measures were announced on Wednesday and although they pertain to specifically to the NMB municipality, St Francis does fall within the NMB water supply control so consider the following applying to St Francis

  • Restrict household consumption to 15 kl per metered connection
  • Blanket restriction of high consumers using discs or flow restrictors
  • No use of hosepipes allowed (to water gardens, wash cars, hose down walls or paving, top up pools, fountains or ponds, etc.), unless:
  • The water is from a source other than municipal.
  • The water is used for fire-fighting purposes.
  • No use of municipal water supply allowed to water gardens, wash cars, hose down walls or paving, top up pools, fountains or ponds, etc.
  • No use of sprinklers or irrigation systems allowed, unless:
  • The water is from a source other than municipal.
  • All building contractors to use treated effluent, collected from Fishwater Flats (or any other appropriate wastewater treatment works), other than for concrete work.
  • All domestic customers will have a flow meter restrictor installed. All borehole users must register with the municipality, and comply with the conditions attached to such registration, particularly the prohibition on sale or transfer of own borehole water for use on other properties.
  • No applications to build swimming pools will be approved.
  • No use of automatic urinal flushing systems allowed.
  • All car washes will be closed if they have not achieved the requirement to recycle 60% of their water.
  • No municipal showers will operate.
  • Municipal swimming pools must be filled with suitable ground water.
  • Residential, institutional and government users are subject to Part C of the Schedule of Tariffs.
  • Commercial and Industrial users are subject to Part C of the Schedule of Tariffs.
  • All requirements of the Water and Sanitation By-Law will be enforced, as will the conditions of Restriction Notice 5

Trollip has asked

  • That all residents within NMB water supply system use a maximum of 50 litres per person per day.
  • That cistern “bricks” be utilised in every toilet.
  • That household toilets be flushed with non-municipal water (e.g. grey, rain or borehole water).
  • That water-efficient shower-heads be used.


JBay Winterfest: Surfing, Swimming, Music and Funduro

Craig Jarvis updates on JBay Winterfest

The JBay Winterfest 2018 has had a busy few days, with a number of different events going down in and around the contest hub.

The Corona Open JBay Women’s event kicked off last week, with excellent surf at Supertubes following on from the men’s event. South African wildcard Bianca Buitendag did well to win her opening round heat and advance directly to the third round. Surprise eliminations from this event were Sally Fitzgibbons from Australia and Courtney Conlogue (USA). With good surf on track for JBay, the event will restart later in the week. For more go to

Bianca Buitendag © Kody McGregor

The Corona Sunset Sessions continued to rock the crowds last week, with six bands lined up for free music sessions down at the Corona Open JBay contest site. This weekend the music carries on.

The line-up for the weekend:

Thursday 12 July
The Steezies

Friday 13 July

Saturday 14 July

More information on the Corona Sunset Sessions can be found here – -http://www.jbaywinterfest.com/desmond-and-the-tutus-shadowclub-aking-and-other-top-acts-for-corona-sunset-sessions-at-the-jbay-winterfest/


The Cold Water Classic open water swim was a huge success this year, with the most entrants thus far in the event’s six-year history. With an air temperature of 19 C, conditions on land were a stark contrast to the icy water that awaited swimmers from all over South Africa who descended upon Jeffreys Bay to take part in the swim.

Only three swimmers entered the costume division of the triple mile, an official Robben Island crossing qualifying swim. Veteran PJ Duffy won the men’s section, while Megan Albertyn won the women’s division.

“What an awesome experience! I can’t believe I haven’t done the Cold Water Classic before – will definitely be back next year,” said Albertyn after her swim.

Jeffreys Bay swimmer JC Van Wyk won the double mile while Paige Black won the women’s section of the event.

East London swimmer Mbali Vellum in his first cold water swim had to tough it out to complete the double mile.

“The water was very very cold but I really wanted to finish the double mile,” said Mbali after his courageous swim.

Hannah Counihan from Port Elizabeth won the women’s mile while Peter Michaelides from Knysna won the men’s division. The winners each won a pair of Oakley sunglasses.

The triple mile wetsuit division was won by legendary waterman Kevin Richards while Jenny Potts won the women’s division. Gary Albertyn won the double mile and keeping it in the family, his daughter Kaitlyn won the women’s race. Michael Fairall and Suzie du Plessis won the mile wetsuit event.

A bracing start to the Cold Water Classic © Kody McGregor

The JBay Winterfest Funduro was yet another massive success, with 239 riders entered, the most so far in the history of the event. It was dry and dusty, but it was a great day for all competitors and spectators alike. A popular attraction this year was also the ‘kiddie’s track’, that saw good attendance by the youngsters. The obstacle course and double ramp saw some fun go down during the Expression Session, and a surprise steep hill climb proved exciting but a bit tricky for some of the riders.

The Funduro will be back next year, and promises to be bigger and more exciting than ever.

Funduro action © Kody McGregor

The festival is anchored by the Corona Open JBay, and there is the JBay Windfarm MTB Classic event, the Cold Water Classic open water swim, the Endurade JBayX Trail Run, the Fishing Skins Tournament and the JBay Winterfest Funduro.

Press Release – Craig Jarvis –  info@craigjarvis.co.za