Municipality Clarifies Status Of Festive Events


“In light of the current spike of Covid cases and the further impending curfews and restrictions being set, we unfortunately have to cancel this years festivities.

The safety and well being of our community during these testing times is paramount. We’ll be back in December 2021, keep safe, and we wish you all the best over this festive season”

Municipality Clarifies Status Of Festive Events 

Kouga Municipality has retracted a notice circulating on social media, banning the hosting of all events in the region due to rising COVID-19 infections.

Executive Mayor, Horatio Hendricks, said the notice had not been intended for the public domain.
“We would like to apologize for the confusion it created,” he said.

“As it stands, the municipality has been advised that it does not have the legal authority to cancel events from taking place locally if organisers adhere to the national COVID-19 regulations.

“Our Municipal Manager will, therefore, be issuing a formal notice retracting the content of the communication that went public last week.”
He said that while the municipality had canceled its own events, including the Opening of Season and Countdown to the New Year, all other events approved by the Kouga Local Events Committee were legally allowed to continue.

“Since the municipality cannot legally prevent events that comply with the national regulations, our focus will be on strict law enforcement, especially of the bigger events which have the potential to become super-spreaders,” he said.
“The safety of our residents and visitors are paramount and we will do everything in our power to minimize the risk of COVID-19 infections.”
He said where there were concerns about events, these would be taken up directly with the relevant organisers by the Kouga Local Events Committee.

“We also plead with event organisers to take the COVID-19 risk seriously. Please comply with the regulations and help keep those supporting your events safe.”

Kouga records 194 new Covid-19 cases in two days (28;11)

The number of active Covid-19 cases in the Kouga region stood at 329 on Saturday, 28 November.

According to the latest information from the Department of Health, the breakdown of active cases per town was as follows:

  • Humansdorp 129
  • Jeffreys Bay 114
  • Patensie 30
  • Hankey 26
  • Thornhill 13
  • St Francis 11
  • Loerie 5
  • Oyster Bay 0

A total of 194 new cases were confirmed in the region on 26 and 27 November, bringing the cumulative number of cases confirmed since the start of the outbreak to 3084.

There have been 2 700 recoveries in Kouga and 55 deaths.

Kouga Covid Stats 28-11



318 active Covid cases as of Friday

Kouga Municipality has a total of 2704 cases recorded which 2334 have been recovered & 52 have lost their lives.
As off 21 Nov 2020 there is a total of 318 active cases.
Kouga Local Municipality town breakdown as of 21 November 2020, the following active cases have been recorded:
  • Humansdorp: 120, J
  • effreys Bay: 111,
  • Patensie: 33, Hankey:
  • 32, St Francis Bay: 11,
  • Thornhill: 9,
  • Loerie: 2.
  • Oyster Bay has no new cases.
  • Covid stats Kouga


Take heed of local doctor’s warnings on rising Covid-19 cases in St Francis

Dr’s Jean Malan & Anina Ellis have issued the following warning and it makes sense, no matter your beliefs regarding this pandemic, that we *take heed and practice their suggestions for a few weeks.

2020, the year of Covid. This far our community has been fortunate. We have had a very low number of active cases and very little community spread, but now we may be running out of luck. We are unfortunately experiencing a definite increase in cases in the St Francis Bay area. The Eastern Cape is also experiencing a very large spike. This means that hospitals in our area are filled to capacity and we are experiencing difficulties in arranging admission for patients.

“Luck has a way of evaporating when you lean on it.” 
 Brandon Mull,

We do not have to “lean on luck”, we have a multitude of advantages that will assist this community in weathering the storm. We have the great outdoors and a very advanced level of ventilation, commonly referred to as “the wind”. All we need to add to this is an extreme dose of common sense and then we will remain lucky.

“People always call it luck when you’ve acted more sensibly than they have. ” 
Anne Tyler

There are loads of things WE can do to slow down the rate of new infections that will help to  keep the rate of spread. If we act with sensibility, we will avoid the impact of a dumper of a second wave.

How do we act sensible?

Our prescription:

  • We use our access to the great outdoors. We open our windows, we embrace “al-fresco” dining. Japan’s government warns people about the Three C’s– Closed Spaces, Crowded Places and Close-Contact Settings. This is a very sensible
  • We wear our masks, correctly.
  • We keep a safe distance from people (1.5m is advised). Maintaining a larger personal space is the new “HUGGING” – it shows respect & caring.

For the next few weeks, try to keep your contact pod or bubble small. Reconsider having that big braai or dinner party. Rather postpone it until conditions are safer. Stay informed and above all stay safe.

Dr’s Jean Malan & Anina Ellis

Click below for an interesting oversight on how this virus spreads

*To heed something is to listen to it, pay careful attention to it, or otherwise observe or acknowledge it in some way—and often to take action on it. 


3rd Round of over 1800 deliveries to commence week 11 May

Mrs Speelman spoke on behalf of a thankful community this morning. This was unexpected and renewed our belief and drive for this mission. We need to continue the food drive until at least the end of June 2020. To do so, we appeal for further donations.

The plan has worked well and all food parcel distributions are funnelled through one responsibly managed operation thus avoiding duplication.

One delivery of 250 food parcels costs R50 000. Each parcel contains sustenance ingredients such as maize meal, sugar, eggs, rice, soup packs, flour, milk, oil. They are distributed to the Sea Vista elderly, single women and children with no income and the most desperate firstly in each round and after 4 weeks of distribution now, the households can’t believe that they will receive a 3rd parcel soon. Some say they have never seen assistance at this scale. And the evidence is clear: everyone is calm, awaits their turn, are thankful without complaints and we haven’t seen any unruly behavior as experienced elsewhere in SA.

It’s important to note that there is a concise database of names and addresses to whom we have delivered. Before drawing conclusions when you hear from someone who says they aren’t on a list or have not received, please check with us.

As you can imagine, this is a large-scale operation, but is really making difference. Be part of it and please consider a donation, no matter how small:

Account Name: FOSSFAR
Standard Bank
Acc No 186512139
Humansdorp Branch (050015)
Please use reference: Food relief/Surname

We thank you in advance and will report back each step of the way