Collo's Comment

Eventually yes for man is able to achieve even the almost impossible given time. But it the meantime as this virus gains momentum in its second wave what is to say there are not more waves, possibly tsunamis, on the way in the near future as the virus mutates and resists man’s efforts to stop it.

Maybe, just maybe Mother Earth is fed up with us humans destroying her beautiful planet. She has given ample warning of her unhappiness but not only have we ignored her but we continue to cause her harm. The global warming denialists refuse to make any attempt to go green. We continue to pollute our oceans with plastic slowly choking marine life to a slow and eventual annihilation.  We have decimated many of the wildlife and insect species that we share this earth with some becoming extinct. And probably most serious of all, we continue to overbreed putting more and more strain on Mother Earth to provide us with the resources we need to survive.

Over the centuries Mother Earth has sent not so subtle hints that she is in charge. Earthquakes, tsunamis, fires, floods, viruses and a lot more have wiped outh millions. But man has an innate ability to learn from these efforts and given time has been able to find solutions for most and so are able to manage if not fully solve the most of her challenges. Tsunami warnings, evacuating areas likely to be flooded in a hurricane / cyclone and of course the many, many drugs and cures created by scientists to stop the spread of viruses and heal infections that would have kept population on this planet in check,

And so with Covid-19. No sooner had the world’s best scientist found a vaccine than Ma throws a curve ball and allows the virus to mutate into a new strain. How many new strains does she have up her sleeve and yes scientists will eventually bring the virus to it’s knees as we have with every other pandemic when Ma feels it is time. But at what cost before this can happen for the virus is not the only threat, unemployment, starvation, riots and more as government findsit impossible to provide for the masses.

The first wave proved deadly to the elderly, particularly to those with comorbidities in much the way as Mother Nature deals with wildlife tht  is injured, ill or too old to look after themselves – survival of the fittest. Now it seems the new mutation is now also attacking the young, if not killing them certainly making them extremely ill and who knows what future health problems will beset them in the future years as a result.

So scientists have finally created a few vaccines but will these work with this new strain and then the next strain and the next as the virus continues to mutate. And even if the answer is yes will we at the southern tip of Africa benefit for sure as the sun rises and sets we can be sure our government will find a way to generate billions through corruption.

Lockdowns are not going to stop the spread. Sure it may give a little respite to the brave medical staff for a week or two but what when the third or tsunami waves eventually hit? This virus is now part of our lives in the foreseeable future and so we should not be forced to stop living in case we die.

We must face it that Mother Earth has been forced into cleaning up what man has single handedly destroyed and no amount of praying to God, Allah, Buddha or whatever God is your preference, nothing can stop Mother Nature when she is in a bad mood.

Collo – A personal comment