Cape St Francis Resort is the place to be this weekend

Remember last May when the entire Kouga community was caught up in the excitement of some crazy people who raced some 500 km around our region on foot, bike & canoe. Well some more crazy people are about to embark on a similar but much shorter event this coming weekend.

Competing over a distance of only 120 kms this time around, fifty teams will line up on the beach at Cape St Francis Resort  early on Saturday morning 25th August in their quest to become champions of the Full Moon, Expedition Africa Adventure, Kouga Edition, race. The race, a team event,  will be made up of 30 km trail running / trekking, 15 km kayaking and 80 km cycling and a team is required to finish the race together, in other words at the pace of their slowest team member.

And to complicate things, at least one member of the team must be capable of navigating by compass and map during the day and night. The team must be able to orientate a map, identify grid references on a map, take a bearing between two points on a map, and understand the impact of magnetic declination. No mean feat when fatigue and aching muscles dominate thought processes.

The teams are expected to all complete the race by 11:00 am on Sunday morning although the leading teams are expected to arrive at Cape St Francis Resort late on Saturday evening.

And on the subject of Saturday evening, it’s all happening at Cape St Francis Resort this weekend for not only it there the Full Moon Adventure race but on Saturday evening ‘A Little Bit of Country’ concert with Alexandra May and her band, and Isabella Jane (a talented ventriloquist) and Rosie will be performing at the resort. If you haven’t yet bought your ticket to see this show you best get your ticket today.

Tickets are available from Kouga Print in the village or at the Resort at R150