With all the hype over Black Friday the following  paragraph posted on musician (singer, songwriter & producer) Don Clarke’s Facebook page explains the truth about Black Friday rather succinctly 

Black Friday is a great name! I’ll tell you why. The only thing black about it is the cynicism behind a concept which says…we have ripped you off with excessive profits for years, but today we throw you a bone. For today only we cut our cruel profits so much that we force you to buy things you don’t need, and ultimately leave you poorer. Because, to tell you the truth, we’re really just teasing you into our stores to expose you to the products which are not discounted.
Go ahead. Like starving slaves released from a wooden ship you can rush at the doors of our kitchen and beat yourselves senseless for a morsel. We, the Captains of Retail love that.

As Greta Thunberg says…how dare you?!

Don Clarke – The Drakonteur.