The Fully

It was my son’s 13th birthday. A teenager in the house. So it was time for a birthday dinner. Without pausing for a second, he chose The Full Stop as his venue of choice.
It is always a relaxed and friendly vibe at the Fully, with Covid protocols in place. It was the usual warm greetings and a nice quiet table in the corner.
My son, who had obviously become a man, ordered the Man Size steak, and it was a delicious and tender sirloin done just to his likings. Like a true man, he dodged the salad, finished the steak and nibbled on a few chips before downing a Sprite afterwards and then going outside to make some urgent calls to other 13-year-old on his new iPhone before asking to go home.
My younger daughter ordered a bespoke pesto pasta which she loved, and she finished off her side salad, and it was yummy. Full vegetarian dinner in stark contrast to my son.
All the while, we were being attended to by attentive staff, and my wife and I had a few glasses of Ken Forrester and one or two whiskey sodas.
My wife was just snacking on a few of the kid’s meals and ordered the Cheese Sticks – a starter portion of deep-fried Mozzarella sticks and a spicy dipping sauce. We all had a taste, and it was delicious, with the sauce offsetting the richness perfectly.
I went with the Mozambican Wrap – grilled chicken pieces with avo feta and spicy peri-peri mayo in a toasted wrap. It was spicy and flavourful and divine, a perfect sized meal just what was needed.
As we were finishing off and as our son was pestering us to leave as he had some urgent matters to attend to, the kitchen staff arrived with a single candle in a chocolate brownie. Then they all broke into The Birthday Song for my son. It was a classic moment, and seen as we knew half the other patrons eating there; eventually, most of the place was singing along.
The brownie was delicious. I should know because I ate the lion’s share.
Compliments to chef JP and the rest of the Full Stop staff.

The bill before gratuity came to R627.

My whiskey and soda bill was separate.