East London Bed & Breakfast Review

As usual, we left things until the last minute. All our regular accommodation options in East London were full when we started looking. The Nahoon Open surf event was happening, the surf forecast was promising, and everyone was pulling in. 

We were kindly offered a room in an empty house but needed to bring our own mattresses. My son and I kindly declined. He was surfing in the U14 division of the event, had a new board, and needed to be fully prepared. This was the real deal. 

Google Points The Way

Poring over google, we stumbled upon Sixteen On Latimer B&B, and it looked promising. A quick phone call and we were booked. East London, here we come!

After an uneventful journey, including a short sojourn to Port Alfred, we were in Slummies. Then it was straight to Reef for a quick surf. Waves were fun and super crowded. The car park was full of the usual competitive, sarcastic but hilarious banter that accompanies any such event. You have to be strong.  

Contest day.

Google Brings Us In

Afterwards, we headed off to our accommodation. Again, we followed the pin, and Google maps led us to a delightful place called Sixteen On Latimer. We were in a great room with everything we needed, including a spacious balcony, an extended courtyard to chill and put our boards, and a fabulous room. The fridge had some delights in it, and we were sorted. 

High Speed Fibre-based Internet

A quick check on the iPhone revealed that we had incredible WiFi connections. The high-speed fibre came in at something ridiculous like 25 down and 20 up. The smile on my son’s face was reason enough to love this place and ensure a very positive Bed & Breakfast review.

We quickly scanned the TV and found the F1 channel to see what was happening. Toto Wolff was complaining about something, and Lewis talked about officially changing his name before the race started, but the TV was great. 

There was a desk, well situated out of the way for me to grind some work out when I had a gap, and there was some delicious coffee, rusks, biscuits, nougats and more. 


The Leading Man In This Story, Jethro

Then we met Jethro, the main man running the show. We told him that everything was cool and that we would be leaving early in the morning to get to the contest and would not be having breakfast. He ran away to return a few minutes later with a smorgasbord of ‘take-away’ breakfast delights. These included smoothies, muffins, bananas, oat biscuits and grapes, and some tonic and ice to help me wash some gin down. Don’t judge me.    

Seen as we were on a chill-out, we chose to order some food from Mr D, and the first restaurant that came up was Jules On Jarvis, a delightful restaurant down the road on Jarvis Street. Our namesake restaurant. It was a sign. The stars were aligning. Things were all happening for a reason. It was destiny etc. Burgers were delicious.

Sixteen On Latimer provided us with excellent service, everything needed, and more. Jethro was ready and available for anything that was needed. We will be staying at Sixteen On Latimer next time in East London.

Web – https://www.sixteenonlatimer.co.za

FB – https://www.facebook.com/sixteenonlatimer

Insta – https://www.instagram.com/sixteenonlatimer/

Booking.com – https://www.booking.com/hotel/za/sixteen-on-latimer.en-gb.html

Jules On Jarvis – https://julesonjarvis.co.za/jules/