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Arts, Crafts  and Culture in St Francis




Art in St Francis features artists of St Francis and their art. When we speak of art we speak of all art, painting, sculpture, music, poetry, design, photography, anything art or culture related.

Over the coming months we will introduce our readers spread throughout South Africa and the world to the many truly talented artists that have St Francis their home. 

St Francis Today
Art Editor
Jacqueline Jorgensen

Photo Credit: True Friend Productions

Artists in St Francis – Artist of the Week Juliette Godfrey

Artist of the Week - Juliette GodfreyWell-loved member of our Seals community and permanent resident for over two decades, is abstract artist and photographer, Juliette Godfrey.Her unique ability of finding the 'spirit' in the inanimate aspects of nature...

Artists in St Francis – Artist of the Week Dodds Blom

It was a chilly July morning mid-lockdown the day I first encountered the serenity of a Dodds Blom work. Trade Wind had opened for take-aways and we had plonked our well-walked bodies down for a moment as we waited for our hot drinks. Swaddled in...

Introducing “Art in St Francis”

 Artists of St Francis by Jacqueline Jorgensen Painting with Bob McKenzie on the Canals In mid-May, a group of 9 local artists (including two glorious octogenerians) gathered at Anne Kleu's beautiful home on the canals for a four-day workshop with Bob...