Animal Rescue

St Francis Animal RescueThe April Olive Blossom Fund – previously managed by Rebecca Tilders for 13 years – has been given a new name and will, from now on, be known as; St Francis Animal Rescue.

Dedicated ex-veterinarian, Stephanie Ernsten heads up St Francis Animal Rescue and is ably assisted by hands-on volunteers.

This team hold a clinic in Sea Vista every Thursday afternoon where they inoculate  puppies and kittens, dip dogs for fleas and ticks, provide deworming medication, treat illness and wounds and encourage pet owners to sterilize their pets through the ‘Open Your Eyes and Sterilize’ mission which aims at significantly reducing the number of puppies and kittens born and the cruelty stemming from this.

Educating owners on proper care and feeding of animals is also a vital mission of St Francis Animal Rescue.

As a result of this name change, St Francis Animal Rescue will be working closely in conjunction with J.Bay Animal Rescue – sharing resources and staff and reaching a greater number of animals in need to help improve the quality of their lives.

Thank you to Rebecca Tilders and Stephanie Ernsten for your love and commitment to animals.

Open your Eyes – Sterilze, the fund raising initiative run by Sue Rae Jones has put together a great event for the first fund raiser for St Francis Animal Rescuesand is to be held at Dune Ridge Country House at 11:00 am. In the past these have been all lady affairs but this event encourages men to join in as Mike Stark will be presentling his wonderful “Greenland Adventure” that he presented a while back to a mainly male audience who were reported to have thouroughly enjoyed it. So Come on guys join your wives, partners, better halves and reserve your seat NOW. It really easy …. just click on RESERVE MY SEAT  (no credit card required) and we will get your official ticket to you.

Below are three cats caught in Cape St Francis by Stephanie, her team and other helpersand taken to Dr Nerine Bothe (Aloe Vet Clinic) to be sterilized. Every lsterilisation reduces the population and this is an ongoing effort so your help is needed to help reduce the number of puppies kittens being born every year. .

Kittens for sterilization

St Francis Animal Rescue