ANC walk out of State of the Municipality address

Mayor Elza van Lingen One, must give a little respect, one supposes, to the ANC councillors who decided to stage a walk out before proceeding got under way at the Opening of Council and State of the Municipality address by Executive Mayor Elza van Lingen at Newton Hall, Jeffreys Bay yesterday morning. They at least stayed for the National Anthem and the opening prayers.

a really hot day it was probably a godsend as the fewer people packed into the Newton Hall the better and they certainly were not missed. Of course they would have missed out on a free lunch so one would hope that they advised the catering staff of their intentions prior to the event so as to at least save the council some money on uneaten meals. Once the preliminaries were done with, which incidentally included a lovely rendition of our national anthem and two other songs by the truly talented Kouga Choir, it was time for our Mayor to tell us what is happening in our part of South Africa.

One must say that in spite of inheriting an almost dysfunctional municipality from the many of the very Councillors who chose not to hear how the new council has managed to turn things around and having to deal with her own health problems, Mayor van Lingen certainly has retained a sense of humour. Without going into detail for the a synopsis of the address can be read from the link at the bottom of this post, it must be said there were a lot of positives amongst some of the negatives.

That we as a community are in for a tough few years as the council not only balances the books but at the same time delivers on its promises, particularly to the poor, there is little doubt. There has been much comment, not only on SFT but on other local media about the SRA proposal, both for and against. Whether the SRA is adopted in its present form or whether it is diluted down a bit to appease those who don’t want to be part of it, there is no doubt the St Francis community need to stop claiming entitlement because of the rates we pay as a community and rather start looking at how to start doing it for ourselves.

If you read but one section of the attached address go “ROADS”. The 2017 /18 budget will allow ONE KILOMETRE of road to be upgraded. That is not one kilometre in St Francis, that is one kilometre in Kouga so don’t hold your breath thatnit will be your road that gets a fixing.


Mayor’s Address – Kouga SOMA 2017 final