How often have you seen something on Facebook that absolutely appalls you and the only way to show your support is to “like” it when your true feelings are to “dislike” it. Well users flooded Zuckerberg’s official Facebook page with nearly 3 000 comments largely about the dislike option. While some said they would use Facebook more if the button were introduced, others said it would lead to cyber-bullying and more negativity on the site.

But possibly a better option and one that is being tested are adding animated emotive buttons such as “Love”, “Sympathy”, “Anger” or “Sadness”. Certainly being able to express “anger” when we see posts where there has been cruelty to children, animals or other despicable acts instead of “liking” a post would be great but one has to consider the “unlike” as certainly this is very likely to be abused.

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