Confusion reigns in Kouga council it would seem. After publishing a notice, apparently in error, cancelling all events including the annual Billy’s Beach, it would appear council has had second thoughts according to a post on St Francis Tourism WhatsApp group. SFT has managed to be in contact with municipal PR and yes it is true and the Municipal Manager will be releasing a statement later today.

The Mayor has made the following brief statement following the decision.

“Due to the rising number of Covid-19 infections in the Kouga region, the municipality has canceled the fireworks and laser shows that were scheduled for 18 and 31 December.

All other events, as approved by the Kouga Local Events Committee, will be allowed to continue, with strict compliance to the safety precautions required in terms of the relevant alert level (currently level one).

Adherence to the precautions will be closely monitored by law enforcement authorities so as to minimize the risk of an event turning into a super spreader.

The letter from the municipality to events organisers, stating that all events were prohibited, has been reviewed and subsequently retracted. It was never intended for the public domain and we apologise for any confusion it may have caused.

Should the Kouga Local Events Committee, chaired by SAPS, have safety concerns about any of the approved events, it will be taken up by the committee directly with the relevant organiser.”

No doubt social media streams will light up with some lambasting council for their thoughtlessness others praising their considering the younger generation’s needs over the holiday season.

But think before mouthing off on social media and give council a chance to explain their reasoning for laws must be abided by whether we like it or not. The council has good reason to reverse a decision on a matter they have not taken lightly.

More to follow tomorrow.