Prestigious, independent school, Bridge House and award-winning EdTech company, Digemy, have joined forces to create ConnectEd – the first Independent Examinations Board (IEB) curriculum online high school in Africa to utilise a dynamic adaptive learning platform. The school will launch initially for Grades 10 and 11, with other grades to follow next year and into 2022.

Bridge House and Digemy have an aligned vision to change the traditional teaching model and, in the process, enable a first-rate education to be accessible to a much wider audience. “A key issue with the current education system is that all students are expected to work at the same pace,” says Kate Cowling, Head of College Academics at Bridge House. “This system does not allow for students with differing abilities to engage and absorb information at different rates, nor does it acknowledge that each student comes with their own unique background and prior knowledge. Teachers, therefore, spend a lot of time repeating content until all the students have a solid understanding of the work. A second issue is that teachers are currently unable to make real-time data-driven assessments to identify which concepts individual students may struggle with as these insights are not automated and readily available.”

As Kobus Louw, CEO of Digemy, explains, “The adaptive learning approach provided by Digemy and utilised by ConnectEd addresses both of these issues. The ConnectEd platform is powered by neuroscientific algorithms that identify each student’s knowledge gaps and adapt the repetition of questions and content accordingly, providing a tailored and effective personalised learning plan. The result: a decrease in time spent learning and an increase in retention.”

World-class academic content based on the IEB curriculum created and developed by experienced Bridge House School staff will be provided to students via multimedia micro-module lessons. Personalised support will be provided through a bespoke facilitators’ programme and timetabled weekly live group meets for all subjects, both of which will provide a collaborative learning community.

ConnectEd will also empower students to take ownership of their personal, non-academic development with access to experienced professionals and inspiring mentors who will present masterclasses to expand students’ knowledge of the world beyond school. Students will have the opportunity to learn essential life skills and undertake curated supplementary courses in a number of subjects including personal financial management, memory mastery and entrepreneurship, amongst others.

“Bridge House School holds true to the core values of its founders in providing a pioneering, dynamic and forward-thinking education for our students. “We are truly delighted to be launching ConnectEd, which will adhere to the intrinsic philosophy and offering of our campus school and which will enable us to significantly extend the reach of our successful brand of education. Ultimately, we hope to engender a transformational impact. With ConnectEd, students will be carefully supported on each step of their academic journey and will have every opportunity and resource to fulfil their individual potential and prepare themselves for success in our rapidly-changing world,” concludes the Head of School, David Clark.

To apply for ConnectEd or learn more about Bridge House and the Digemy platform, visit

About ConnectEd

ConnectEd is the first IEB curriculum online high school in Southern Africa to be hosted on an adaptive learning platform. By combining world-class academics from Bridge House School and Digemy’s data-driven learning methodologies, students and teachers are provided with a unique adaptive learning experience that optimises time, increases learning retention, and provides tailored opportunities for personal growth.

Kouga residents and businesses have been urged to continue using water sparingly.

“Some much-needed rain has fallen in the catchment areas, but not enough to make a significant difference to the dam levels.

“This means we cannot relax yet and must continue doing all we can to save water,” cautioned Kouga Executive Mayor, Horatio Hendricks.

He said the level of the Kouga Dam had increased by almost two percent this month following some rainfall in the Langkloof catchment areas .

Kouga Dam levels end of September

“The dam level was at 8,09% at the end of September. This climbed to 9,03% on Monday this week, with further inflow expected.

“While this brings some relief, the level remains dangerously low and is not expected to increase far beyond 10%,” he said.

According to the latest information from Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality, the level of the Impofu Dam inched up from 18,55% at the end of September to 18,97% this week.

The level of the Churchill Dam increased from 53,08% to 62,92% over the same period and the Loerie Dam from 29,97% to 44,84%.

Kouga Dam

Photo by Jacques van der Merwe: The level of the Kouga Dam has increased slightly over the past week.