The coastline experienced an abnormally spring tide yesterday with the high tide waters reaching heights close to causing flooding on some canal properties.  The high waters also caused a breach in the spit and some canal property owners would have been justified to show their concern on social media. The beach and spit reparation work is certainly a matter of urgency for each spring highs there seems increased breaches of the spit.

A recent article in surfing publication Wavescape (click to read)  certainly shows support for the Property Owners NPC’s efforts to save the St Francis Bay beaches. Interesting was how virtually all comments on social media supported their efforts although but of course there were the normal negatives. Not everyone wants the beach repaired  and would seemingly prefer that St Francis Bay does not thrive. More holiday makers, more surfers, more shops and businesses employing more people is not what they signed up for when they bought their houses here.

Change is inevitable and we all need to embrace it. For us oldies it matters little but for the generations that follow, they deserve that we fix what we broke while we still can. The early development of St Francis and Santareme must certainly shoulder blame for the demise of the beach so it is only fair the older generation pay for it. There is a positive for fixing what is broken you preserve the value of your property. Who knows, maybe you will have to sell it one day to afford move into a retirement or frail care centre.

And on the subject of thriving business, the boat / yacht building certainly appears to be on the up. Below is Saturday’s launch of Nexus’ their latest yacht. A bright and beautiful addition to the portfolio of yachts and boats built right here in our tiny part of the world that is very much part of our economy.

Video posted on Facebook by Frans Loots on the exceptionally high tide on Sunday