Saving water has to be uppermost in our minds right now for hardly a day goes by that we are not reminded situation we are faced with as our dams slowly dry up. That government has turned its back on us means it is up to each and every one of us to apply every water saving method we can think of. we all have read ways to save water so we should be following them but even so maybe we are still using too much of the precious liquid.

Some month ago Mike Williams (see below) vited me and showed me some handy and inexpensive fittings that can be installed at extremely low cost to help save a lot more than y can imagine. We did mention it in a previous post but Mike says it seems nobody has shown even the slightest interest by even giving him a call. So if you are truly concerned with saving water maybe it is time to see what Mike has to offer. 

Well yesterday we saw a post on WhatsApp by Jo Brown (of TrolleyDolly) singing Mike’s praises so we thaught is a good idea to publish on SFT.

“There is a lovely gentleman called Mike Williams (husband of Ingrid Williams at hospice) who has been round to my house and put some clever little gadget inside my taps and toilet to reduce water flow but not the pressure. For example my washbasin used 8L per minute and is now 1.4L per minute. My kitchen sink is down from 16L to 6L per minute but still with really good pressure. Don’t know how It works but it literally took half and hour and is very affordable – R100 per tap/shower head and R150 per toilet. His number is 082 804 2996

Thanks for the reminder Jo!