A reader’s plea to support the SRA

With the Saving St Francis SRA vote dominating local news, St Francis Today invites all input, both FOR and AGAINST the SRA. It is important for all property owners to cast their vote for we live in a democracy and the final outcome of the vote must represent the ‘will of the community’ as a whole. We, St Francis Today, encourage all comment, be it a letter showing support or, as importantly, ideas or suggestions on the proposed SRA or alternatives to it.

One thing is certain, every effort has to be made to make St Francis a better place to live in by reversing the fast deteriorating infrastructure and only the local property owners can make this happen.


So far the SRA is the only idea on the table but who knows what other ideas may evolve from open comment and discussion. We doubt the St Francis Property Owners concept is cast in stone and so it is over to the community. One thing is for certain though; we cannot look to the Kouga municipality for help. In recent presentations Mayor van Lingen has made it quite clear there simply isn’t the money to pour into upgrading the St Francis infrastructure. That things have and will continue to improve now that the DA is in control is a positive but they cannot work miracles. And for those that feel it is unfair that their rates are being used to support the poorer areas of Kouga, it is time to face realities of the South Africa we live in.

The reader’s letter  (Unedited)


Hi all SFB Property owners,

You may or may not be aware of the incredible work that has been going on behind the scenes performed by the St Francis Property Owners. The initiative is known as:



For many years we have all had huge concerns, & moans, as to the deterioration of the infrastructure of our village which we all chose to invest in. All infrastructure, & the land it is positioned on, belongs to Council. The rates we have paid in the past are supposed to support the maintenance of the infrastructure, amongst other requirements. We are all aware that this has not been happening, & will not happen into the future due to many reasons, be it political & or funding. Stay real.

The SFPO have for the last year completed unbelievable work investigating & negotiating a method in which the town of SFB can be taken back to what we all want, & that is one of the best tourist/investment destination in the Eastern Cape & SA. Many ideas were discussed & the only method that offers us property owners a guarantee that whatever funds we inject will be spent in the SFB town is a SRA.

This is detailed on the website of the SFPO & you need to ensure you educate yourself accordingly.

To ensure the SRA can be implemented according to legislature we have to have a minimum of 50% + 1 of the designated rate payers to vote in favour of this.

We cannot be apathetic related to this, we ALL have to act. Complete the attached voting form & ensure it is sent back to the SFPO office at contact@sfbresidents.org

Do not take this lightly, PLEASE act now & complete your vote in favour of the SRA.

Should you have any negative concerns related to this PLEASE contact the SFPO offices, details below, & they will arrange a meeting/discussion to ensure you have the correct facts on which to base your decision. We have the chance NOW to make the difference. We have to get 1100 yes votes by no later than June. Choose & decide wisely, as you did when you invested your funds into SFB.

Your co SFB investor

Vince Ryan

St Francis today has had requests that we create a page where all comment, again FOR and AGAINST, can be published. We are presently developing such a page, possibly in the form of a ‘forum’ that we will also ask SPFO to put on their website so as to ensure the whole process is as transparent as possible and that every voice is heard.

Download the Voting form here

If you have already voted check to make sure your vote has been registered.