Matt Gennrick reveals damage being done to barriers intended to protect our reserves.

There are 4 separate nature reserves in Cape St Francis managed by FOSTER (Friends of St Francis Nature Areas) in accordance with an MOU with the Kouga Municipality, all offering nature trails and different experiences. Through membership fees and monies raised, FOSTER looks after and maintains the walking paths and trails and removes alien vegetation. 

The website offers those interested in the vegetation, birds and wildlife an extensive list with photographs of the fauna and flora to be found in the reserves. It also provides maps of the walks, cycle tracks and membership details.

Who are these people?

FOSTERThe people who steal the speed bump signs on the Cape St Francis beachfront, the signs at the entrance to the reserves, the people who saw through the bolts holding barriers in place in our reserves and steal the logs, the people who are too lazy to do even that and just saw through the middle of the log to make access easier. The people who just cycle or walk where there are signs restricting this in the reserves, the people who litter where they feel like it?

Simple, these people are residents and holiday makers in our greater St Francis area, people you and I may well know. They believe that they are entitled to do what they want and where they want, yet I suspect that they are the first ones that complain about other wrong doings and ills in our land.

What possess them to believe that they are entitled to destroy what a few dedicated people are trying to preserve and build? Not so much for themselves but for future generations and all who call this area home?

Maybe they know, is it just entitlement, selfishness, or something they need to prove to themselves or others? Who knows but this blatant vandalism is not acceptable and does not belong here or anywhere. For FOSTER this means that we must use our limited resources to repair the vandalism, instead of using the money to preserve the reserves.

Maybe they want to change the nature of what Cape St Francis offers, resulting in things like foot patrols in the village and permits to enter the reserves.

I am sure that most people here do not want this, neither do we want to become a society where we spy on each other and report on each other. We all know where that ends.

But, if you see someone blatantly disobeying the simple rules in the reserves or vandalizing communal property consider what actions you will take to secure the beauty of our reserves and area.