Some behavioural tips for your dog, cat, even your horse!!

Lynn Scholts is a graduate of the Ethology Academy where she has completed courses in dog, cat and horse behaviours. Soon after this she opened a practice in Port Elizabeth called ‘The Centre for Companion Animal Behaviour’ – and she also has premises in Lorraine. Lyn’s interest and passion is working with Reactive/Aggressive dogs and the training classes she runs for this type of dog is highly successful.

Besides her involvement in dog behaviour, she and her daughter compete in the sports of Agility and Dog Jumping. She works with Staffies, Australian Shepherds and Border Collies and has about six of them, all living and working in great harmony.

Lynn is also an expert on communication between animals and humans – and this will largely be the basis of her talk to an audience of St Francis Bay animal lovers.

This acclaimed animal behaviourist enjoys interactive communication with an audience – so please bring any questions you may have about the behaviour of your dog, cat or horse.

Sara-Jane Swanepoel, hostess at Dune Ridge Country Lodge, will be serving a light meal of delicious soup, fresh bread and hot Malva pudding with custard plus a glass of sherry.

Tickets are selling now at Kouga Print in the village – R150 per person.

Please come and support St Francis Animal Rescue and help us raise funds to sterilize the cats and dogs of Sea Vista.

THURSDAY 21st June at 11:00 at Dune Ridge