It’s A Grom’s World – Local surfers make 25-minute video on being a grom at a surf contest

A few of the St Francis groms who went to the Port Alfred Easter Festival decided to embark on a whole new level of marketing. A full 25-minuter of what it’s like to be a grom these days at a surf tournament.

It’s A Grom’s World

The event was the Rip Curl GromSearch presented by the Royal St Andrews Hotel, and the stars were Rory Dace, Jack Erlank and Rylan Jarvis, with a supporting cast of hundreds.

Nice video guys. Support the groms if you can by liking their video or sharing it or something like that.

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Emeritus Professor Richard Cowling’s fascinating talk to video – “Not planning with Nature: Vulnerability of Greater St Francis Region to storms”

After the FOSTER AGM on 2 April, Emeritus Professor Richard Cowling, one of the founders of FOSTER and previous chair and now portfolio committee member responsible for reserve management gave a fascinating talk titled “Not planning with Nature: Vulnerability of Greater St Francis Region to storms” which is now available on YouTube.

The Greater St Francis Region comprises several coastal settlements that have been planned not by considering nature’s patterns and processes but by violating them. Shifting sand dunes have been stabilized to accommodate holiday homes, wetlands have been drained to build a marina and suburbs laid out in the path of massive, flood-induced water flows. This has made the region extremely vulnerable to obvious impacts of climate warming, namely sea-level rise and higher and more intense storm incidence. How did this happen and what can we learn from this?

Client Care Rocking Retirement Event Kicks Off Successfully.

Client Care Rocking Retirement Event Kicks Off Successfully.

The first Client Care Rocking Retirement event was a resounding success, setting the stage for an even more engaging and informative second meeting. 

The occasion was held at the St Francis Brewery a few weeks ago. The purpose of the quarterly gathering is to address different aspects of retirement that are often overlooked when planning this phase of life. The guest speaker for the inaugural event was Gareth Stead, the lead designer of Xpand SA’s state-of-the-art Navigating Retirement process.

Misconceptions and Myths

Around 40 interested and engaged guests attended the interactive event, at which Gareth explored many misconceptions and myths about retirement and life after work. One interesting fact he shared was that our 60s are the most productive decade of our lives, which only 30% of the audience guessed correctly. Also, retirement is the second most significant transition we go through in life, the biggest being the loss of a loved one.

Stressful Transition

A confidential poll showed that 40% of attendees were worried about spending too much or running out of funds in retirement, while 50% acknowledged that retirement was a stressful transition. The event ran for an hour, and attendees enjoyed scones and their choice of tea or coffee. 

Second Gathering 

The next event will be held at the St Francis Brewery on June 21st at 10 am. The guest speaker will be Mandy Dix-Peek, head of Fiduciary Private clients at Old Mutual Wealth. Her talk, “The Emergence of the Global Citizen,” will discuss legal complications stemming from having family scattered around the globe and solutions to this.

Bookings can be done directly with the St Francis Brewery at 063 274 3743.

Dirk Groeneveld, Certified Financial Plannert. 

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