Sants Says: The Links is on the move! Calling all members!

The next Time (Wine) and Dine are coming up next week, and we encourage all members to join us for a fun and informative evening here at the Club on Thursday, 2 May 2024. We thank Leopards Leap, who will join us at a wine tasting!

Both the Board and management have worked closely to assess and realign strategy, structures, roles and responsibilities. It has been a brilliant process, and we are confident about an exciting future!

Director Mark Johnson will share the Board’s vision and plans, and Jeff will provide an update on all estate and club functions and activities.

Our management team will also be on hand to network and provide info. Please don’t hesitate to ask and interact with us.

Please RSVP and attend the talk and dinner. We’d love to meet the new owners and welcome the kids!

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Rotary Hand Over Football Kit On Behalf Of Billy’s Beach

Rotary Hand Over Football Kit On Behalf Of Billy’s Beach

The annual Billie’s Beach Music Festival, a renowned event over the New Year period in St Francis Bay, has solidified its place as a staple for adult teenagers and millennials alike. In recent years, the festival has expanded its impact by including a major fundraising evening known as the Billie’s Beach Ballies Party, aimed at 30 to 50-year-olds, typically parents of the attending teenagers.

Recognizing the importance of community development, the festival organizers, many of whom are holiday homeowners residing outside the town, have entrusted the management and execution of community projects to the Rotary Club of St Francis. Under this collaboration, Rotary Club of St Francis has embarked on ten projects, collectively valued at R500,000, all subject to regular feedback and progress reports.

One of the notable initiatives is the provision of soccer kits to established clubs in Sea Vista. These kits, consisting of shirts, socks, shorts, bibs, kit bags, and soccer balls, have been distributed to eight identified clubs, each receiving two sets for their main and junior teams or an away strip. Each set includes 16 shirts, shorts, and socks, with specific allocations for outfield players, goalkeepers, and substitutes.

A total budget of Eighty Thousand Rand was allocated for this purpose, with additional contributions of bibs, bags, and balls generously donated by Mike’s Sports. All involved parties emphasize the importance of promoting sporting activities for fostering health and positive attitudes within the community.

SF Rotary extends its sincere gratitude to Billie’s Beach Music Festival, the organizers of the Ballies Party, Warren Adler, and Giancarlo Lanfranchi, who share a passion for soccer, as well as Mike Augustides, director of Mikes Sports, for facilitating this impactful initiative.

The Importance Of A Healthy Retirement Mindset.

The Importance Of A Healthy Retirement Mindset.

Retiring to a place like St Francis Bay or Cape St Francis would tick most boxes for most people. It promises a tranquil backdrop for embarking on a new phase of life. However, amidst the breathtaking beauty of this idyllic setting, the importance of cultivating a healthy retirement mindset cannot be overstated.

Practice Gratitude

In the journey towards retirement, practicing gratitude emerges as a foundational pillar. Transitioning into this new chapter warrants acknowledging the blessings surrounding us, from the stunning vistas of St. Francis Bay to the cherished relationships and newfound freedom from work obligations. Gratitude fosters contentment, infusing our days with a sense of fulfilment and appreciation for life’s simple joys.

Comparison and Contentment

Moreover, as retirees settle into their new rhythm, the temptation to compare oneself to others may arise. Yet, it’s crucial to recognize that someone will always possess more wealth or better health. True fulfilment lies not in comparison, but in embracing our unique circumstances and finding contentment within ourselves.

A Healthy Retirement Mindset

Navigating Uncertainty

The global landscape may present its share of challenges, with protests and unrest unfolding in various corners of the world. In such uncertain times, maintaining perspective becomes paramount. Engaging in proper cash flow planning allows retirees to understand their financial capabilities, empowering them to navigate any economic storms that may arise with confidence and resilience.

Attitude Determines Quality of Life

Fundamentally, our attitude towards life profoundly shapes our retirement experience. By adopting a positive mindset, embracing change, and cultivating resilience, retirees can navigate the complexities of this new chapter with grace and optimism. Staying active, pursuing hobbies, and immersing oneself in the vibrant community of St. Francis Bay can enrich retirement years, infusing them with purpose and fulfilment.

A Healthy Retirement Mindset

Retiring in St. Francis Bay offers not just a picturesque backdrop, but a canvas upon which to paint a fulfilling retirement journey. Through practicing gratitude, making peace with our circumstances, and embracing life’s uncertainties with resilience, retirees can truly savour the beauty of this coastal paradise and embark on a rewarding new chapter with a healthy mindset.

Let’s count our blessings!


Dirk Groeneveld, Certified Financial Plannert. 

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New boreholes In St Francis Bay – Municipality boosts water supply

New boreholes In St Francis Bay – Municipality boosts water supply

KOUGA – Pouring innovation into every drop.

With the completion of two additional boreholes in St Francis Bay – yielding a combined output of 0.8 million litres per day (Ml/d) – Kouga Municipality has significantly enhanced the region’s water infrastructure to meet the growing demand.

These new boreholes, along with the existing three boreholes, will now provide a yield of 1.8Ml/day, enough to virtually meet the average daily water demand of the area.

The R3 million project, which commenced in February 2024, included the development of two new boreholes adjacent to the R330, as well as improvements of metering and control systems at three existing municipal boreholes at The Links. Additionally, telemetering systems were established at all five boreholes, and level control systems were enhanced at the two elevated tanks at the existing reservoirs.

The completion of the project also involved the supply of water into the storage reservoirs and from there into the reticulation system, ensuring efficient distribution to residents.

Kouga Execuitve Mayor, Hattingh Bornman, expressed his optimism about the project’s impact, “The development of these two new boreholes marks a significant milestone in our efforts to secure a sustainable water supply for St Francis Bay. By utilising more borehole water and improving our infrastructure, we are taking proactive steps to address the challenges posed by water scarcity.

“With a combined yield of 1.8Ml/day, we are better equipped to meet the needs of our residents and businesses.”

However, Bornman highlighted that during peak periods, the municipality will still rely on the Churchill Dam for water supply.

He added, “While these additional boreholes will substantially reduce our dependency on the Churchill supply system, it remains a crucial part of our water infrastructure, especially during peak periods of demand.”