Darkfest 2024 Kicks Off In Stellenbosch

Darkfest 2024 Kicks Off In Stellenbosch

Darkfest is on, and there is a whole lot of excitement as it all goes down at the Hellsend Dirt Compound at Vuurberg farm in Stellenbosch. 

With riders gathered from all over the world, this year’s Darkfest is turning into a huge event. It includes the largest dirt-to-dirt mountain bike jumps in the world, measuring up to an incredible 110 feet!

One of the exciting side events is the Spankbikes Best Whip that was won by Vinny Armstrong ladies and Kade Edwards Men in 2023, and both are competing again this year. 

According to Bike Mag, “a mountain bike whip is a stylish and advanced trick performed by mountain bikers. In it, they turn their bike sideways in mid-air while jumping off a lip or ramp. It’s a crowd-pleasing manoeuvre that adds flair and style to a rider’s skills on the trail.”

And while you’re here, please allow us to take you back to some of the craziness and unseen footage from last year’s event, The Documentary by Thomas Sandell! Take a look behind the scenes with interviews from some of the top characters in the 2023 edition.

Check the documentary here:

But back to the present – a limited batch of tickets will be on sale to watch the action live at The Hellsend Dirt Compound at Vuurberg farm from 08:00 to 17:00 on Saturday, 10 February. You can buy tickets here – 

The rider list is totally stacked, with returning Darkfest veterans, some heavy new additions and some of the leading women in MTB Freeride. They will unleash their bikes on the famous course, including the 110 ft jump. 

Check South African legend Theo Erlangsen ride the full track here.  (The full ride POV starts at 6:12)

Stay updated on the build on Sam’s YouTube channel and the Darkfest Instagram.


Human Achievements We Don’t Want When Investing.

Human Achievements We Don’t Want When Investing.

Investing is like steering a ship through both calm and stormy seas. When we talk about permanent loss in a well-diversified portfolio, we’re essentially discussing the impact of our human decisions on our financial journey. Instead of seeing it as a big problem, let’s break down how our actions, both smart and not-so-smart, can lead to losses even in a well-diversified plan.

Human Achievements We Don't Want                                        

Picture your investments as a team of superheroes, each with a unique role. This team is your well-diversified portfolio, carefully put together by you. However, the decisions you make, based on your emotions, overconfidence, and sometimes just not knowing enough, can lead to losses.


One major culprit is emotions. When the financial world gets a bit crazy, feelings like fear or greed can make us act impulsively. We might sell investments when we shouldn’t or hold onto ones that are losing value. These emotional reactions, guided by human feelings, contribute to permanent losses.

Human Achievements We Don't Want

Overconfidence is another sneaky villain. We might think we’re invincible because our investments are spread out. But this confidence can make us less cautious, leading to unexpected losses.

Trying to time the market is yet another challenge. Predicting the perfect time to buy or sell is like trying to predict the weather – it’s tough. Following trends or reacting to short-term changes, driven by human instincts, can result in permanent losses.

Then there’s the need to keep learning. The financial world is complex, and not fully understanding it can lead to mistakes. It’s up to us to stay informed and adapt to the ever-changing market.

So, permanent loss in a well-diversified portfolio isn’t a flaw in the plan itself. It’s more about how our human decisions, influenced by emotions, overconfidence, and the complexities of finance, can sometimes lead to losses.


In simpler terms, it’s like being the captain of a ship. Sometimes, even with the best crew and plans, the sea gets rough, and we must navigate carefully. By understanding how our decisions impact our financial journey, we can steer towards smoother waters and continue working towards our goals. It’s all about learning, adapting, and making our financial adventure less stormy.


Dirk Groeneveld, Certified Financial Plannert. 

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One Ton Of Vegetables Delivered –  Mayoral Initiative

One Ton Of Vegetables Delivered – Mayoral Initiative

Kouga Municipality has, once again, facilitated the delivery of one ton of fresh vegetables to various soup kitchens in Loerie – aiming to alleviate food insecurity among residents due to the increased cost of living.
This delivery is after the municipality delivered two tons of vegetables last month.
This benevolent effort is part of a larger mayoral initiative generously supported by the Wildeklawer farm in Barkley West, owned by Louis de Kock and his wife, Cora.
We look forward to the ongoing collaboration with Wildeklawer in the coming months, contributing more vegetables to residents facing hardship.

Hospice Receives Amazing Race Funds And Donation From Rotary

Hospice Receives Amazing Race Funds And Donation From Rotary

An Amazing R30 000.00!

The Rotary Club of St Francis and St Francis Tourism, joint organisers of the annual Amazing Race event held in December, had great pleasure in formally presenting St Francis Hospice with the proceeds of the 2023 event, an amazing R30 000.00! Accepting this on behalf of Hospice were delighted Hospice Sisters Ingrid Williams and Nadine Puzicha.

Another R15,000!

On the same occasion at the Quays Restaurant, Rotary Club President Lindsay Pearson and Rotary project leader for Hospice Errol Burman handed over a further donation of R15 000.00 from the Club for much-needed disposable medical supplies for Hospice patients.

Hospice Receives Amazing Race Funds

See also: Rotary Donates R25k To Seal Point Boardriders Club As Part Of The Billy’s Beach Season End Donation

Long Term Coastal Protection Solution – Fundraising Update

Long Term Coastal Protection Solution – Fundraising Update

Fundraising Update

To accelerate the construction of the

“Long Term Coastal Protection Solution”

In St Francis Bay

(Restoration of our River, Spit and Beach)

February 2024


The SFPO NPC appointed Advisian to design a Long Term Coastal Protection Solution for St Francis Bay in 2017, and completed the Preliminary Design in February 2018. This solution formed the basis of the application for the Environmental Application and its subsequent approval in April 2022. The SFPO NPC launched a fundraising drive in 2021 to accelerate the construction of the Long Term Coastal Protection Solution to restore our beach in St Francis Bay. 

We announced the fundraising drive at our AGM on 20 December 2023.

In terms of our EIA approval, we are required to have the funds available before we commence the construction of any phase.

Fundraising Update

Target – Rm

Total – R160m

Phases 1 & 2 – R110m

Phases 3, 4 and 5 – R50m

Raised to date (5 February 2024)

Total – R86.5m

Consisting of:

Existing cash – R34m

Riparians – R6m

River Comm/Estates – R2m

Donations – R5.5m

Loans – R39m

Still to be raised. 

Total required – R160m

Raised to date – R86.5m

Still required by Phase – R73.5m

Phases 1 & 2 – R23.5m

Phases 3, 4 & 5 – R50m


The Fundraising team have spent the past month, since the SFPO AGM, talking to many property owners about their participation in funding the acceleration of the Long Term Coastal Protection Solution. This interaction with property owners is ongoing, and we welcome participation and engagement from any property owners willing to support this fundraising initiative.

The quicker we can restore our beach, the sooner we will experience and enjoy the recreational value of our beaches once again, continued growth in the value of our properties, and reduction in the cost of maintaining the rock revetments currently defending the canals and many properties overlooking the beach.


Wayne Furphy:



Brett Dawson: 


t. 082-370-3306

Murray Stewart:


t. 082-372-1980

Garth Wright: 

e.  garth.wright@wrightsecurity.co.za

t. 082-800-2929


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