‘Dorp van Drome’ Builds dream mile in JBay – A Promenade For All

‘Dorp van Drome’ Builds dream mile in JBay – A Promenade For All

– In the heart of Jeffreys Bay, where the waves gently caress the shore, the sunset paints a warm palette of colours, new development is on the horizon – a community promenade that promises to enrich the lives of residents, tourists, and even those with disabilities.

The first phase of this project, a 1.5km promenade named the “dream mile,” which will, when completed, stretch from the National Sea Rescue Institute to the Jeffreys Bay Caravan Park, kicked off on Monday, January 29, 2024.

This is thanks to the dedicated work of the non-profit organization, “Dorp van Drome”, which began its mission of beautifying Jeffreys Bay in 2012 – all without any form of compensation.

And Lottoland Help `n Dorp. A kykNET programme and a popular initiative that aids towns with projects initiated by residents or organisations to support and enhance communities.

Deon Goosen, one of the founding members of “Dorp van Drome” and a dedicated supporter of Lottoland Help `n Dorp, immediately formed a committee, led by Bryan Dhludhlu, chairperson of “Dorp van Drome, ” when entries for the second season opened last year.

This committee includes Loulita Vosloo, Johan Deysel, Waldo van Niekerk, Leilani Coetsee, Christa Venter, and Nomvelo Siwela.

After discussions with Kouga Municipality, the application was submitted within a few weeks. Excitement peaked when Lottoland recently visited Jeffreys Bay and handed over a welcome envelope – a valuable financial contribution for the project’s first phase.

But one challenge: the project must be completed within four weeks. After that, Lottoland Help `n Dorp will visit the town to check progress.

The goal is not only to provide funds but also to stimulate participation from the community.

The project’s initial phase involves constructing the first 250m of the wooden promenade – from the Jeffreys Bay Caravan Park to Sandcastle in Diaz Road.

Additionally, a footpath will be erected from the barbecue area at Pellsrus Beach to the paved path at the main beach, while excess sea sand in the region will also be removed.

A new parking area near the Jeffreys Bay Caravan Park will be established without interfering with indigenous plant growth.

The second and third phases will be undertaken when the necessary funds are available.

These phases include the construction of a wooden promenade from Sandcastle to Kitchen Windows. The third phase involves further expansions, such as a lookout point, security cameras, and lighting.

One outstanding feature of this promenade is its dedication to accessibility for people with disabilities, including a wheelchair-friendly entrance at Sandcastle on Diaz Road.

Other benefits of p a include:

  • Safe access to the beach.
  • Accessibility for walkers and joggers.
  • A safer environment for anglers.
  • The protection of dunes.”

It is with great excitement that Kouga Municipality supports the construction of a promenade at the main beach in Jeffreys Bay,” said Kouga Executive Mayor Hattingh Bornman.

“The construction of a promenade has long been the dream of many residents, and the municipality will work hand-in-hand with Village of Dreams to make the project successful.”

Dhludhlu invites the community to become part of the “Dorp van Drome” team.

“Dorp van Drome” wants to involve the community in the project and appreciates any assistance. For more information or to become part of the project, contact Dhludhlu at 083 747 0031 or email leilanicoetsee19@gmail.com or dorpvandrome@gmail.com.

see also: Rotary Donates R25k To Seal Point Boardriders Club As Part Of The Billy’s Beach Season End Donation

Rotary Donates R25k To Seal Point Boardriders Club As Part Of The Billy’s Beach Season End Donation

Rotary Donates R25k To Seal Point Boardriders Club As Part Of The Billy’s Beach Season End Donation

Seal Point Boardriders Club Chairperson Dan Thornton accepts the R25k donation from Rotarian Lyn Aitken.

Photo by Si Cunneen – ‘Wild By Nature Photography’

At the end of the year, we posted this very cool story about Billy’s Beach donating R500k to Rotary for distribution among the community. 

A huge thank you to the organisers of Billy’s Beach for an incredible R500 000.00 donation towards the Rotary Club of St Francis’ charitable and community projects. The donation was presented at the Billie’s Charity Event on 2 January 2024 and gratefully accepted by Rtn Andrew Watson on behalf of the Club.
St Francis Rotarians will manage the distribution and expenditure of the donated funds on behalf of Billy’s Beach. They will consult with their management team this week to determine how the funds will be put to the best possible use through 2024.What a fantastic difference this is going to make! Thank you, Billy’s Beach and all those who supported their charity event.”

Rotary recently connected with the Seal Point Boardriders Club after they heard that the Surf Club was looking to upgrade its First Aid equipment at the beach after a recent tragic death witnessed by many surf club members. 

After discussing it with some friends at The Surfing Doctors, it was decided that the Club would purchase an automatic electronic defibrillator (AED).

(An AED is a portable electronic device that automatically diagnoses the life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias of ventricular fibrillation and can treat them through defibrillation, the application of electricity, which stops the arrhythmia, allowing the heart to re-establish an effective rhythm.)

Rotary donated R25k to the surf club to upgrade the Club’s First Aid kit, and Club Chairperson Dan Thornton met with Lyn Aitken from Rotary for the cheque handover. 

“The donation from Rotary will greatly help our goal of getting a fully kitted First Aid box with an AED for the beach,” said Thornton. While it is a Surf Club kit, it will benefit all beach-goers and visiting surfers, so we would like to thank Rotary and Billy’s Beach for helping us with this initiative.”

The Seal Point Boardriders Club has contacted the NSRI Station 21 St Francis Bay and had a very positive conversation with Station Commander Sara Jane Smith about CPR and first aid courses for club members and others. The NSRI Station 21 and the Seal Point Boardriders Club will be working closely in the future regarding first aid courses and a few other partnerships. 


Urgent appeal to Premier Mabuyane: Kouga Executive Mayor highlights critical scholar transport crisis

Urgent appeal to Premier Mabuyane: Kouga Executive Mayor highlights critical scholar transport crisis

KOUGA – In an urgent letter addressed to the Premier of the Eastern Cape, Oscar Mabuyane. Kouga Executive Mayor, Hattingh Bornman, passionately advocates for an immediate intervention. This to address the severe deficiency in scholar transport services – threatening the educational rights of learners for over a month now.

1000 Scholars

“Approximately 1 000 scholars within the Kouga region are grappling with the frustration of being stranded daily, patiently waiting for scholar transport that never materializes,” said Bornman.

“This not only infringes upon their fundamental right to education. It also raises questions about the commitment of the Eastern Cape Department of Transport to fulfill its responsibilities in this crucial domain.”

Bornman stated that, having walked alongside some of the affected learners on a perilous 25km journey to school, brings light to the challenges faced by these learners. It is an intolerable burden placed upon them.

Critical Scholar Transport Crisis

“The absence of a reliable and sufficient scholar transport system, leaves these learners in a vulnerable position. Thus It impedes their access to education and hindering their pursuit of knowledge,” he said.

In response to this urgent matter, a respectful plea is extended to Premier Mabuyane for immediate intervention to address this crisis.

The plea emphasises the need to explore and implement immediate solutions to alleviate the hardships faced by these learners.

Current Situation

An invitation is, furthermore, extended to the Premier and the MEC for Transport. Further to engage in a collaborative discussion where strategies can be devised to rectify the current situation.

“As leaders, there is a collective responsibility to ensure that every learner has the unimpeded opportunity to pursue education. Thus also to contribute to the prosperity of the nation,” said Bornman.