Introducing Dukes Hard Seltzer and Afford More In ’24 – Whats On At The SUPERSPAR

Introducing Dukes Hard Seltzer and Afford More In ’24 – Whats On At The SUPERSPAR

Afford More in 2024

The Afford More in ’24 Specials keeps on rolling at the SUPERSTAR. This weekend, we’re looking at Coca-Cola, HTH, Baked Beans and All Gold Tomato Sauce, among many other specials. Don’t forget our ‘braai busters’ – buy any two for R79,99. All of the specials advertised are valid until 6 February.

Afford More in 2024

Introducing Dukes Hard Seltzer at TOPS

because Dukes isn’t just a drink; it’s an experience. With flavours like Mixed Berry, Passion Fruit, Grapefruit, and Orange, this lightly caffeinated vodka and soda drink has it all. Perfect for sun-soaked afternoons with friends, the anticipation of a night out or dancing to the beat. Available at TOPS.

Afford More in 2024




Darkfest 2024 Quick Facts

Darkfest 2024 Quick Facts

Darkfest 2024 Quick Facts

Darkfest 2024 Quick Facts

Paul Couderc (FR) © Eric Palmer

What Is Darkfest?

Darkfest 2024 Quick Facts: Darkfest brings together some of the world’s best freeride mountain bikers to push the limits of their sport on some of the biggest jumps ever seen. The gnarly and specialised topography at the Hellsend Dirt Compound in Stellenbosch delivers the ideal setting for the riders to showcase their extraordinary talents.

When is Darkfest?

DarkFest 2024 will take place from 3rd – 10 February, so cancel anything you might have planned because this will take precedence. 

Where is Darkfest?

Darkfest takes place at the aptly named Hellsend Dirt Compound at Vuurberg Farm near Stellenbosch. (Tickets are available here.) The track is heavy, and nerves of steel are an essential requirement of all riders. 

Why is there a Darkfest?

There will be big jumps and high-risk tricks, massive sends, huge crashes, screaming, shouting, yelling, excitement, stoke, disappointment, laughter, injuries, tears, winners, prizes, friendship, and good times.


Darkfest 2024 Quick Facts
 Sam Reynolds (GB) © Eric Palmer

Who is in Darkfest?

Check out this list of notable riders: 

Sam Reynolds (GB) Clemens Kaudela (AT) Ike Klassen (ZA) Theo Erlangsen (ZA) Bienve Aguado (ES) Adolf Silva (ES) Kade Edwards (GB) Kaos Seagrave (GB) Nicholi Rogatkin (USA) Szymon Godziek (PL) Dawid Godziek (PL) Paul Couderc (FR) Sam Hodgson (GB) Tom Isted (GB) Matt Jones (GB) Carson Storch (USA) Matt Macduff (CA) Johnny Salido (MX) Daniel Ruso (AT) Elias Ruso (AT) Brendan Fairclough (AT) Dylan Stark (USA) Kurtis Downs (USA) Talas Turk (USA) Vinny T (FR) Dan Paley (UK) Robin Goomes (NZ) Chelsea Kimball (USA) Casey Brown (CA) Vero Sandler (GB) Vinnie Armstrong (NZ) Vaea Verbeeck (CA) Harriet Burbidge Smith (AUS) and Gemma Cobera.

Those are the Darkfest 2024 Quick Facts

Stay updated on the build on Sam’s YouTube channel and the Darkfest Instagram.

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Top 10 Retirement Mistakes

Top 10 Retirement Mistakes

Planning for retirement can be tricky, and understanding the most common mistakes can help individuals avoid potential pitfalls. Professionals in this field have shared the top 10 things people often get wrong about planning for retirement, ranked in order of their prevalence:

  1. Underestimating the impact of inflation (49%):

A significant oversight is underestimating how inflation erodes the purchasing power of money over time. Failing to account for inflation can lead to a substantial reduction in the real value of retirement savings.

Top 10 Retirement Mistakes


  1. Underestimating how long you will live (46%):

It’s hard to predict our life expectancy. Underestimating how long you’ll live may result in outliving your savings. It’s crucial to plan for a longer retirement to ensure financial security.

  1. Overestimating investment income (42%):

Overly optimistic expectations regarding investment returns can lead to disappointment. Realistic projections are essential for developing a sustainable retirement plan.

  1. Investing too conservatively (41%):

While preserving capital is important, being overly conservative with investments may hinder wealth growth. Finding a balanced approach that considers risk tolerance and return potential is key.

  1. Setting unrealistic return expectations (40%):

Hoping for very high returns all the time can be risky. It’s better to have realistic hopes that match what’s really happening in the market. Realistic expectations contribute to a more stable and achievable retirement plan.

  1. Forgetting healthcare costs (39%):

Health expenses can escalate during retirement. Neglecting to account for potential healthcare costs may jeopardize financial stability. A comprehensive plan should incorporate healthcare considerations. Have you thought about how much healthcare might cost in your retirement?

Top 10 Retirement Mistakes

  1. Failing to understand income sources (35%):

A common mistake is not understanding where your money will come from when you retire.  This includes pensions, retirement annuities and other investments.

A clear understanding ensures better financial planning.

  1. Relying too heavily on public benefits (33%):

If you think the government will cover all your retirement needs, you will be in trouble, especially in South Africa.

  1. Underestimating real estate costs (23%):

Owning a home isn’t just about the bond. Electricity, water, rates, maintenance, and unexpected expenses should be factored into retirement planning to avoid financial strain.

  1. Investing too aggressively (21%):

On the other end of the spectrum, overly aggressive investments can expose retirees to unnecessary volatility. Striking a balance between risk and reward is essential for long-term financial security.

Being aware of these common pitfalls is the first step towards a more informed and effective retirement plan. By addressing these issues, individuals can enhance the likelihood of a secure and fulfilling retirement.


Dirk Groeneveld, Certified Financial Plannert. 

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A Quick Nevermind Review- Notes From The Editor

A Quick Nevermind Review- Notes From The Editor

My legendary reclusiveness had reached ‘alarming levels’, apparently, and unless I made an effort to leave the house for a few hours, there would be a problem in the immediate future. 

On a side note, I wonder if it is just the fact that we are just getting older or if Covid changed the way we view our realities. These days, I am thrilled to stay home, hang out, act childishly with the kids, rattle the ice around a glass of whiskey, and enjoy the silence. I know many of my friends and associates feel the same way, but I digress; we headed for Nevermind, a very comfortable dining decision. 

It was a warm evening, and the restaurant was busy but not packed, with a general conversation level of noise going on. We had booked a table, and despite getting stuck at the Pig and Rooster for a little while, our cosy table was still waiting for us.

Wood-fired Lemon Potato Bread

We started with the wood-fired lemon potato bread, a dish my daughter won’t stop talking about. Straight out of the pizza oven, it came with whipped tahini and chimichurri, and the three of us nibbled on it and dipped the bread until all the plates were squeaky clean.  

My daughter chose the chokka and chips from the kid’s menu and told us that it was ‘lekker’, which is quite a thing for an 11-year-old currently breaking new global boundaries for mealtime fussiness. 

Tuna Sashimi Tostado

My wife and I shared the tuna sashimi Tostado with hibiscus salsa macha and avocado puree. It was an exquisite blend of subtle yet delicious flavours. It gently changed my perspective on how we see and generally consume sashimi, usually with the blunt flavours of soy and wasabi. 

Pani Puri

We then shared the pani puri, an Indian coconut ceviche with a medley of flavours from traditional spicy and sour that lingered delightfully, offset by the Indian coconut, and had textures from soft to tender to crispy. In more straightforward terms, ‘Yuss, this dish put me in such a good mood, ekse.’ 

We finished off with an Irish and a carafe of the charming Gabrielskloof The Blend. 

All in, what an absolutely lekker evening. 

The service was excellent. 

Our meal, excluding the initial bar tab and our tip, cost R746. 

Nevermind on Facebook

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